Estrela-Llopis V.R., Ulberg Z.R., Kosenko O.A.
On the possible reasons of the selective heterocoagulation of human being mesenchimal cells on the acrylic hydrogel surface.

Ukraine / Украина

Earlier, we had established that the efficiency of settling down and development of mesenchimal cells of a human being of line 4BL2 responded to a row of hydrogels (1): AA–AH > AA > AA−AK where AA–AH is copolymer of acrylamide and acrylonitrile; AA is polyacrylamide gel; AA−AK is copolymer of acrylamide and acrylic acid. The value of Umax/kT potential barrier and the value of far potential well Umin/kT were calculated according to the DLVO theory.