Kakehashi Rie, Tokai Naoji, Yamamura Shingo, Maeda Hiroshi.
The protonation degree and the ionic strength dependence of solution properties on N-lauroylaminopropyl-N′,N′-dimethylamine oxide.

Japan / Япония

We investigated the hydrogen ion titration, the surface potential of the micelles, the equilibrium surface tension values, the critical micelle concentrations (cmc), and surface excess values for the aqueous solutions of N-lauroylaminopropyl-N′,N′-dimethylamine oxide (C12AmC3). We observed a reversal of the stability of the cationic and the nonionic aggregates of C12AmC3 at a high ionic strength (NaCl concentration CS ≈ 0.5 M), that is, the cmc value of the cationic species was smaller than that of the nonionic species.