26.06, 12:40-13:00

Kasaikina O.T., Kartasheva Z.S., Pisarenko L.M., Krugovov D.A., Trunova N.A., Mengele E.A., Kradenova O.V.
Microreactors formed by surfactants for oxidative transformation of hydrocarbons and lipids.

Russia / Россия

The effects of surfactants on the hydrocarbon and lipid oxidation are considered. Hydroperoxides (ROOH) are the primary oxidation products by O2. Amphiphilic ROOH were shown to form mixed micelles together with known surfactants (S) (ROOH-S). Mixed micelles are self-organized nanoreactors in which active polar substances such as metal compounds, phenols, amines, etc are concentrated and cause corresponding hydrocarbon oxidative transformation.