Varlamova E.A., Zaitsev S.Yu., Tsarkova M.S., Bondarenko V.V., Gromov S.P.
Optical chemosensors for detection of strontium cations on the bases of crown-ethers, immobilized in polymeric films.

Russia / Россия

This work is dedicated to studying of ability of OMS (for the first time synthesized in Photochemistry Center of RAS) to effective binding of strontium cations, preparation and investigation of chemosensoring composite materials (CCM) on the basis of this OMS and row of polymers. CCM on the basis of PVB (shift of λmax in absorption spectra in the presence of Sr2+ cations is 16 nm) and CAHP (shift of λmax in fluorescence spectra is 24 nm) were the most sensitive, that allows to use them as chemosensors on Sr2+ cations.