III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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J. Rheology of disperse systems

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J01. 26.06, 17:00-17:20. Tutorsky I.A., Pokidko B.V., Beyder E.Y., Volkova T.S. Adsorption layers structure and rheological properties of bentonites from different deposits modified by ABDMAC (Russia)

J02. 26.06, 17:20-17:40. Lesin V.I. Crude oil non Newtonian viscosity oscillations in the course of relaxation to stationary value after treatment by velocity gradients and magnetic fields (Russia)

J03. 26.06, 17:40-18:00. Uriev B.N. Rheometry of non-transparent flows of structured dispersions with ultrasonic Doppler method (Russia)

J04. 26.06, 18:00-18:20. Charlot A., Kadi S., Auzély-Velty R. Novel physical hydrogels based on hyaluronic acid: synthesis and rheological properties (France)

J05. 26.06, 18:20-18:40. Samavati V., Razavi S.H. Rheological and physical studies of Arabic gum in dilute solutions: Effect of sweeteners (Iran)

J06. 27.06, 09:30-09:50. Trofimova L.E. Topological modelling of disperse systems properties (Ukraine)

J07. 27.06, 09:50-10:10. Damdinov B.B., Dembelov T.S. The study of shear properties of colloid silica dioxide nanoparticles suspensions (Russia)

J08. 27.06, 10:10-10:30. Kirsanov E.A. Generalized Casson equation (Russia)

J09. 27.06, 10:30-10:50. Uriev N.B., Svistunov Yu.S., Potapov A.N., Starikov V.A. Flow curve anomaly for structured nanodisperse systems at extremely low shear rates (Russia)

J10. 27.06, 10:50-11:10. Ourieva G.N. Dynamics of sterically stabilized flocculated suspensions under shear flow (Russia)

JL11. 27.06, 12:00-12:30. Kuchin I.V., Uriev N.B. Modelling of dynamic state of disperse systems (Russia)

J12. 27.06, 12:30-12:50. Samuskevich V.V., Belous N.Kh., Koshevar V.D., Kuznetsova O.A., Rodzevich S.P. The rheological behaviour of superplasticized cement dispersion (Belarus)

J13. 27.06, 12:50-13:10. Krupnova T.G. Rheological properties of gels of iron (III) and yttrium (III) oxyhydrate (Russia)

J14. 27.06, 13:10-13:30. Makarov A.S., Savitsky D.P., Yehurnov O.I. Regulate of rheological and structure-mechanical properties of high concentrated coal-water suspensions with presence of diluting and stabilization additions (Ukraine)

JP01. Kuchin I.V. Computer simulation of shear flow of structured disperse systems under imposed vibration with account for Brownian effects (Russia)

JP02. Belenova E.G., Rasumovskaya I.V., Matukhina E.V., Shchegolikhina O.I., Vasil'ev V.G. Plastic crystals of organocyclotetrasiloxanes as labile disperse systems (Russia)

JP03. Benmounah A., Kheribet R., Fourar K., Saidi M., Khodja M. Rheological behaviour and electrokinetic properties of water-based drilling fluids (Algeria)

JP04. Cherednichenko D.V., Vorobiova E.V., Krutko N.P. A new technique to studying rheological properties of disperse systems in granulation processes (Belarus)

JP05. Grosheva M.M., Medvedeva V.V., Semchikov Yu.D. Influence of the nature of complexing agent on conditions of formation and physical and mechanical properties of gels of Na-CMC (Russia)

JP06. Lomovskoy V.A., Abaturova N.A., Lomovskaya N.Yu., Galushko T.B., Nekrasova N.V. Spectra of internal friction of homogeneous and cryptogeterogeneous cellulose diacetate (Russia)

JP07. Taranenko E.V., Kandyrin L.B. Rheological properties of solutions and emulsions based on epoxide oligomers and silicon ethers (Russia)

JP08. Chepurna I.K., Kanibolotskyy V.A., Strelko V.V. Rheology of zirconium dioxide gelation (Ukraine)

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