III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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Plenary sessions. (view abstracts)

Section A. Theoretical problems of colloid chemistry and physicochemical mechanics (view abstracts)

Prof. Alexander Shchekin

Section B. Electrokinetic phenomena and electric double layer (view abstracts)

Prof. Oleg Us'yarov

Section C. Surface phenomena and adsorption (view abstracts)

Prof. Alexander Shchekin

Section D. Surfactants, foams and emulsions (view abstracts)

Acad. RAS Anatoly Rusanov

Section E. Nanobiotechnology (view abstracts)

Prof. Valery Babak
Prof. Anatoly Malygin

Section F. Nanomaterials (view abstracts)

Prof. Anatoly Malygin
Prof. Valery Babak

Section G. Psysicochemical mechanics and mechanochemistry (view abstracts)

Prof. Pavel Butyagin
Prof. Alexander Pertsov

Section H. Colloid chemistry of polymers (view abstracts)

Prof. Valery Kuleznev
Corr.member RAS Yury Shchipunov

Section J. Rheology of disperse systems (view abstracts)

Corr.member RAS Valery Kulichikhin
Prof. Naum Uriev

Section K. Colloid chemistry and preservation of the environment (view abstracts)

Acad. NAS of Belarus Ivan Lishtvan

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