III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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K. Colloid chemistry and preservation of the environment

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KL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Lishtvan I.I. Colloid chemistry as a solution of the environment protection challenges (Belarus)

K02. 25.06, 16:00-16:20. Delitsyn L.M., Vlasov A.S. Colloid and chemical properties of nepheline solutions of in weak solutions of sulfuric acid and their use in ecological problems (Russia)

K03. 25.06, 16:20-16:40. Sineva A.V., Parfenova A.M., Kolbanev I.V. Natural minerals in water purification from ionic and non-ionic surfactants (Russia)

K04. 25.06, 16:40-17:00. Tusupbaev N.K. Develop of non-cyanide technology of metal-colloid ore-dressing by using nanosize adjuvants and depressors (Kazakhstan)

K05. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Akhmedov U.K. Synthesis and properties of a gidrogelmeliorants (Uzbekistan)

K06. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Dyagileva A.B., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M., Moreva Yu.L., Rudakova I.S. Colloid-chemical properties of sulphate (kraft) lignin water dispersions (Russia)

K07. 25.06, 18:00-18:20. Grinshpan D.D., Tsygankova N.G., Nevar T.N., Makarevitch S.E., Savitskaya T.A. Superfine activated carbon suspensions in water treatment processes (Belarus)

KP01. Dryabina S.S., Malysheva Zh.N., Navrotskii A.V., Novakov I.A. Flocculation and precipitation in the presence of binary polyelectrolytes (Russia)

KP02. Gapanovich E.V., Kraiko V.M., Sokolova T.V., Pehtereva V.S., Savich-Shemet O.G. Efficiency of application of an electrochemical method for a fat-and-oil sewage purification (Belarus)

KP03. Gusev S.A., Timoshenko V.A., Lasareva E.V., Protsenko P.V. Monitoring of surface-active substances in natural waters (Russia)

KP04. Khrestenko R.V., Rudin V.N., Kalmykov St.N. Sorption of uranyl on nanohydroxyapatite (Russia)

KP05. Lishtvan I.I., Kaputskii F.N., Yanuta Y.G., Abramets A.M., Monich G.S. Humic acids fractions as products of colloid-chemical separation of natural polymers. Properties and characteristics (Belarus)

KP06. Lorentsson A.V., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M., Aleinikov P.Yu., Shestakova M.P. Electrosurface properties of shungite III particles in aqueous electrolyte solutions (Russia)

KP07. Lysenko L.L., Mishchuk N.A. Optimization of the process of the electrokinetic soil decontamination (Ukraine)

KP08. Perlova O.V., Menchuk V.V., Shirykalova A.A., Perlova N.A. Colloid-chemical aspects of the uranium (VI) and thorium (IV) separation from diluted aqueous solutions (Ukraine)

KP09. Popov K.I., Glazkova I.V., Yachmenev V.G., Nikolayev A.N. Effect of combination of EK and chelating agent: a perspective method of deactivation of concrete (Russia)

KP10. Popovicheva O.B., Kireeva E.D., Persiantseva N.M., Shoniya N.K., Khokhlova T.D., Vlasenko E.V. Freezing of water droplets with immersion soot: climate impact (Russia)

KP11. Streltsova E.A., Voluvach O.V., Puzyryova I.V., Egortseva V.A., Stuzhuk E.S. Colloid-chemical bases of isolation cationic surfactants from aqueous solutions (Ukraine)

KP12. Tsaruk T.Ya., Drebenkova I.V., Strigutsky V.P., Falushina I.P. Physical and chemical aspects of intermediate and residual products use of organic raw material processing as components of conservation oils and greasings (Belarus)

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