III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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A. Theoretical problems of colloid chemistry and physicochemical mechanics

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AL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Starov V.M. Current problems in kinetics of wetting and spreading (UK)

AL02. 25.06, 16:00-16:30. Brodskaya E.N., Rusanov A.I. The pressure tensor in a wedge-shaped film (Russia)

AL03. 25.06, 16:30-17:00. Roldughin V.I. Generalized non-equilibrium thermodynamics of colloidal systems (Russia)

A04. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Tovbin Yu.K. Properties of vapour–liquid interface in slit-like pores (Russia)

A05. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Tolmachev A.M., Firsov D.A., Anuchin K.M., Khondar G.O. The application of the method of heterogeneous molecular dynamics for a priori adsorption isotherms calculation on microporous active carbons and topological analysis of adsorbates supramolecular stru (Russia)

A06. 25.06, 18:00-18:20. Sucharev Yu.I. The physico-chemical nature of polarization of living gels of heavy metals oxyhydrates (Russia)

AL07. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Samsonov V.M. Computer experiments and theoretical approaches to wetting and spreading (Russia)

A08. 26.06, 10:00-10:20. Bembel A.G., Pushkar M.Yu., Samsonov V.M., Nazarova E.A. Molecular dynamics study of the thin film growth (Russia)

A09. 26.06, 10:20-10:40. Tumayev E.N., Garazha E.V., Lebedev V.A. Diffusive-limited doping distribution at directional crystallization (Russia)

A10. 26.06, 10:40-11:00. Shchukina Ye.L., Volkov V.A., Sadova S.F., Pankratova Ye.V., Plakhotnikh T.V. Distribution of capillary volume of textile fabric by the size of capillars and how it is affected by the modification of fibre surface after plasma treatment (Russia)

A11. 26.06, 11:00-11:20. Grinin A.P., Kuni F.M., Gor G.Yu. Nonsteady theory of gas bubble diffusion growth in supersaturated gas solution (Russia)

A12. 26.06, 11:40-12:00. Bulienkov N.A., Zheligovskaya E.A. Self-organization of heterogeneous colloid, biomimetic, and biological systems on the structure of the surface layer of water and similarity of their morphologic patterns (Russia)

A13. 26.06, 12:00-12:20. Shchekin A.K., Rusanov A.I., Shabaev I.V. The generalized Gibbs–Kelvin–Kohler and Ostwald–Freundlich equations in thermodynamics of films on soluble condensation nuclei (Russia)

A14. 26.06, 12:20-12:40. Lai San-Kiong. Theoretical studies of the colloidal domains of phases in coexistence (Taiwan)

A15. 26.06, 12:40-13:00. Krupnova T.G., Sucharev Yu.I. Delay effect of the influence the static magnetic field on yttrium oxyhydrate gels (Russia)

A16. 26.06, 15:00-15:20. Kononova E.A., Mikhalenko I.I., Yagodovskii V.D. Change in the state of dispersed gold after cryotreatments (Russia)

A17. 26.06, 15:20-15:40. Lomovskoy V.A., Abaturova N.A., Lomovskaya N.Yu., Galushko T.B. Local dissipative processes and quasi-elastic characteristics in physicochemical mechanics (Russia)

A18. 26.06, 15:40-16:00. Tatyanenko D.V., Shchekin A.K. Size-dependent line tension and contact angle of a sessile droplet. Thermodynamics and interface displacement model (Russia)

A19. 26.06, 17:00-17:20. Filippov A.N. Modelling of transport properties asymmetry of bi-layer membranes (Russia)

A20. 26.06, 17:20-17:40. Dyshlovenko P.E. Many-body interactions in charge-stabilized colloidal crystals (Russia)

A21. 26.06, 17:40-18:00. Zamani Nasab H. Theory of MLF Brownian movement (Iran)

AP01. Brodskaya E.N., Sizov V.V. Molecular modelling of hydrate nanoclusters surrounded by water (Russia)

AP02. Brovka G.P. Transformation of natural dispersed systems structure in heterogeneous temperature and moisture fields (Belarus)

AP03. Evdokimov Yu.M. Peculiarities of dry adhesion (Russia)

AP04. Golikova E.V., Grigoriev V.S., Us'yarov O.G. Role of surface forces in formation of microhomogeneous two-component ceramic composite materials (Russia)

AP05. Kekalo K.A., Trifonov S.A., Shutava T.G., Solomyansky A.E., Malygin A.A., Agabekov V.E. Formation of magnetic multilayer structures on porous matrixes (Belarus)

AP06. Khamova T.V., Shilova O.A., Movchan T.G., Plachev Yu.A., Sokolova N.P., Gorbunov A.M., Sazhnikov V.A. Sol-gel synthesis of fluorescent nanocomposites by encapsulation of nile red in epoxysilicate matrixes (Russia)

AP07. Kharechkin S.S., Samsonov V.M. Molecular-dynamic investigation of melting and crystallization processes for nanoparticles (Russia)

AP08. Khashin V.A., Dronnikov V.V., Zubkov V.V. Investigation of structural and thermodynamic characteristics of small droplets on the basis of statistical methods and molecular-dynamics simulation (Russia)

AP09. Kovalchuk N.M., Starov V.M., Hilal N., Langston P. Brownian dynamic simulation of colloidal suspensions (UK)

AP10. Lapina G.P., Likhusha P.S., Talanceva Yu.N. Enzyme parameters o-difenol oxidase of flax (Russia)

AP11. Lopatina L.I., Sergeev B.M., Sergeyev V.G. Formation and stabilization of silver clusters in aqueous solution of sodium polyactrylate (Russia)

AP12. Malysheva M.L., Guzenko N.V., Voronin E.F. Effect of gelatine on the viscosity of nanosilica aqueous suspensions (Ukraine)

AP13. Matulis V.E., Palagin D.M., Mazheika A.S., Ivashkevich O.A. DFT study of anionic copper clusters: comparison with silver and sodium ones (Belarus)

AP14. Ryazanov V.V., Smorodin V.Y. Non-equilibrium aerosol charge distribution in the bipolar ion atmosphere (Ukraine)

AP15. Sdobnyakov N.Yu., Bazulev A.N., Kulpin D.A., Zykov T.Yu. The evaluation of the minimal size of nanoparticles in coalescence process (Russia)

AP16. Sdobnyakov N.Yu., Samsonov V.M., Kulpin D.A., Bazulev A.N. The applicability of thermodynamic perturbation (TPT) to the evaluation of excess free energy of liquid film on the surface of the spherical particle (Russia)

AP17. Starokadomsky D.L. About influence of nanosilicas on swelling of epoxy-polymers (Ukraine)

AP18. Vanyusheva N.A., Samsonov V.M. Molecular dynamics simulation of instability and self-organization processes at the three phase contact line (Russia)

AP19. Zubkov V.V., Samsonov V.M. A research of the density distribution for hydrogen in a slot-like graphite pore on the basis of the density functional theory (Russia)

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