III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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G. Psysicochemical mechanics and mechanochemistry

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GL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Butyagin P.Yu., Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V. Mechanical tensions, structural relaxation and reactivity of solids (Russia)

G02. 25.06, 16:00-16:20. Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V., Borunova A.B., Butyagin P.Yu. Reactivity of mechanochemical nanocomposites (Russia)

G03. 25.06, 16:20-16:40. Makhaev V.D., Petrova L.A. Solid-phase mechanochemical synthesis of complex compounds (Russia)

G04. 25.06, 16:40-17:00. Politov A.A., Tapilin V.M., Bulgakov N.N., Chupakhin A.P., Druganov A.G. The mechanism of anthracene dimerization under high pressure and shift (Russia)

G05. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Ancharov A.I., Grigoryeva T.F., Barinova A.P., Lyakhov N.Z., Tsybulya S.V. Sequence of phase trasformation at mechanochemical interaction of solid and liquid metals (Russia)

G06. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Aleksandrov A.I., Karmilov A.Yu., Shevchenko V.G. Mechanochemical synthesis of nanostructured polymeric organic-inorganic composite with effect of giant magnetoresistance (Russia)

G07. 25.06, 18:00-18:20. Tolochko B.P., Lyakhov N.Z., Zhogin I.L., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Pruuel E.R., Zubkov P.I., Lukyanchikov L.A., Zhulanov V.V., Shekhtman L.I. The using of synchrotron radiation for mechanochemical model experiments with nanosecond time resolution (Russia)

GL08. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Prut E.V., Medintseva T.I. Dynamic vulcanization as mechanochemical process (Russia)

G09. 26.06, 10:00-10:20. Lyakhov N.Z., Grigoryeva T.F. The model of mechanochemical formation of solid solution (Russia)

G10. 26.06, 10:20-10:40. Tolochko B.P., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Zubkov P.I., Lyakhov N.Z., Pruuel E.R. The main principles of detonation synthesis of metal nanopaticles from carboxylates (Russia)

G11. 26.06, 10:40-11:00. Akopova T.A., Vladimirov L.V., Zelenetskii A.N., Zelenetskii S.N., Kuznetsov A.A., Semenova G.K., Surin N.M. Colloidal systems of chitosan in organic solvents; solid state synthesis, properties, and application (Russia)

G12. 26.06, 11:40-12:00. Novakova A.A., Kiseleva T.Yu., Falkova A.N., Grigoryeva T.F., Barinova A.P., Lyakhov N.Z. About the Fe2O3 reduction mechanisms by aluminium and gallium during high energy mechanoactivation (Russia)

G13. 26.06, 12:00-12:20. Vlasova G.V., Pivovarova N.A., Adaspaeva S.A. Intensification of process of processing of residual mineral oil joint influence of a magnetic field and ultrasound (Russia)

G14. 26.06, 12:20-12:40. Massalimov I.A., Massalimov B.I., Shayhmetov A.U. The nanosize sulphur particles obtaining by using of mechanochemistry methods (Russia)

G15. 26.06, 12:40-13:00. Avvakumov E.G., Karakchiev L.G. Features of the reactions of soft mechanochemical synthesis (Russia)

GL16. 26.06, 15:00-15:30. Traskine V.Yu. Percolation models of grain boundary wetting in polycrystals (Russia)

G17. 26.06, 15:30-15:50. Skvortsova Z.N., Porodenko E.V., Muralev A.E., Gazizullin I.F., Traskine V.Yu. Effect of solution composition on pressure solution of sodium chloride and calcium carbonate (Russia)

G18. 26.06, 15:50-16:10. Muralev A.E., Skvortsova Z.N., Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Traskine V.Yu. Effect of cyclic stress on the pressure solution rate of salts (Russia)

GL19. 26.06, 17:00-17:30. Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Petrova I.V., Popov D.A. Activation and control of reactivity of aluminium (Rehbinder's effect in heterophase oxidation) (Russia)

G20. 26.06, 17:30-17:50. Popov D.A., Malkin A.I. Nonlocal interactions in kinetics of liquid environment-induced fracture (Russia)

G21. 27.06, 09:30-09:50. Sydorenko T.V., Naidich Yu.V. The wettability of barium titanate ceramics and some other perovskite materials by metal melts at high temperatures (Ukraine)

G22. 27.06, 09:50-10:10. Zhuravlev V.S., Naidich Yu.V., Koval A.Yu., Karpets M.V. Capillary and contact processes at interaction Nb–Ni melts with solid oxide materials systems Al2O3–SiO2 (Ukraine)

G23. 27.06, 10:10-10:30. Vitjunin M.A., Chikova O.A., Chentsov V.P., Pastukhov E.A. The aluminium based melts spreading kinetics upon St3 steel surface (Russia)

G24. 27.06, 10:30-10:50. Murashov V.A., Straumal B.B., Protsenko P.V. Grain boundary wetting in Zn–Sn system (Russia)

G25. 27.06, 10:50-11:10. Protsenko P.V., Murashov V.A., Eustathopoulos N. Features of spreading coupled with substrate dissolution (Russia)

G26. 27.06, 12:00-12:20. Timoshenko V.A., Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Murashov V.A., Bogdanov A.V., Protsenko P.V. Influence of water-abrasive flux velocity on the erosion rate of ceramic materials (Russia)

G27. 27.06, 12:20-12:40. Kostova N.Z., Panfilov F.V. Investigation of different factors of increase of wearproofness of road marking materials (Russia)

GP01. Aleksandrov A.I., Alexandrov I.A., Karmilov A.Yu., Shevchenko V.G. Mechanochemical synthesis of polymer semiconductor composite, containing ferromagnetic nanoparticles (Russia)

GP02. Azizbekian S.G. Improvement of the halurgy potassium chloride quality using the method of multimeter mechanochemical processing (Belarus)

GP03. Borunova A.B., Grigoriev Yu.V., Streletskii A.N. Structure of mechanically activated graphite (Russia)

GP04. Efimov A.V., Bakeev N.F. Structural rearrangements during crazing of crystalline polymers extruded films in the presence of active liquid environments (Russia)

GP05. Esipova N.E. Mechanochemical effects in the process kinetics of dissolution the solid substances (Russia)

GP06. Gornakova A.S., Straumal B.B., Baretzky B., Kogtenkova O.A., Protasova S.G., Sursaeva V.G. Continuous and discontinuous grain boundary wetting in the zinc–aluminum system (Russia)

GP07. Petelin A.L., Straumal B.B., Bokstein B.S., Baretzky B., Straumal A.B., Rodin A.O. Grain boundary and triple junction wetting transition in the copper–silver system (Russia)

GP08. Kashinskaya T. Mechanical-chemical peat transformation (Belarus)

GP09. Khalameida S.V., Sydorchuk V.V., Zazhigalov V.A. Comparative investigation of mechanochemical modification of coarsely dispersed nonporous V-Mo-oxides in various media (Ukraine)

GP10. Sydorchuk V.V., Khalameida S.V., Zazhigalov V.A. Mechanochemical modification of porous and nonporous silicas in various media (Ukraine)

GP11. Khusnutdinov V.R., Isupov V.P. Mechanochemical synthesis of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides in carbonate form (Russia)

GP12. Kolbanev I.V., Mamsurova L.G., Pigalskiy K.S. Mechanochemical synthesis of compounds on the basis of Ln2O3–BaF2 (Ln = Sm, Yb) (Russia)

GP13. Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Kucherinenko Ya.V., Traskine V.Yu. Percolation modelling of fracture in granular solids (Russia)

GP14. Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Pertsov A.V., Mirkin L.I. Fracture of solids in controlled internal stress state (Russia)

GP15. Lasareva E.V., Parfenova A.M., Avramenko N.V., Muralev A.E., Zoubov D.N., Skvortsova Z.N., Traskine V.Yu. Deformation of calcite and aragonite by dissolution-precipitation creep (Russia)

GP16. Leonov A.V., Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V., Mudretsova S.N. Defect structure of mechanically activated mg and its reactivity (Russia)

GP17. Lortkipanidze M., Kilasonia J. Inverse creep of constructional materials in surface-active medium (Georgia)

GP18. Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Polukarova Z.M., Bessonov A.I., Shchukin E.D. On the Rehbinder effect in the systems “copper—lead–bismuth melt” under conditions of the high-speed deformation (Russia)

GP19. Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Polukarova Z.M., Shchukin E.D. On redistribution of elements in chromium-nickel steels and alloys under deformation and cracking in the presence of cadmium oxide (Russia)

GP20. Morozova O.S., Khomenko T.I., Borchers C., Leonov A.V., Kurmaev E.Z. Effect of graphite and boron additives on thermal stability of TiH2 prepared under the milling conditions in H2 flow (Russia)

GP21. Nikolskii V.G., Krasotkina I.A., Dudareva T.V. Shear-based techniques of grinding of high-molecular materials in the present state-of-art (Russia)

GP22. Padokhin V.A., Kochkina N.E. The investigation of structure of starch ethers solutions treated in rotor-pulse mashine (Russia)

GP23. Parmuzina A.V., Kravchenko O.V. Mechanochemical activation of aluminium metal (Russia)

GP24. Plotnikova E.V., Khamova T.V., Movchan T.G., Shilova O.A., Lupicov D.I. Gelation kinetics of the tetraethoxysilane-derived sol-gel systems in the presence of poliols (Russia)

GP25. Portnoy V.K., Leonov A.V., Fedotov S.A. Phase formation during mechanosynthesis of alloys of a double Ni–Ga and triple Ni–Ga–C systems (Russia)

GP26. Prut E.V., Rogovina S.Z., Aleksanyan K.V. The production of biodegradable blends of polyethylene and nature polysaccharides under action of shear deformation and the investigation of their properties (Russia)

GP27. Prut E.V., Vasilenko A.Yu., Novikov D.D. Influence of method of high-temperature shear deformation on the structure and properties of polymer blends based on polyethylene of low density and polystyrene (Russia)

GP28. Stolyarov Y.Y., Allakhverdov G.R. Classification of dispersions using structural-mechanical parameters (Russia)

GP29. Tolochko B.P., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Zubkov P.I., Lyakhov N.Z. Features of detonation synthesis of alloy nanoparticles from metal carboxylates (Russia)

GP30. Yakovlev V.M., Lamazhapov H.D. Interpretation of work function of ions depending on an electron density and elementary properties of metals (Russia)

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