III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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B. Electrokinetic phenomena and electric double layer

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BL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Bárány S. Electrophoresis in strong electric fields (Hungary)

B02. 25.06, 16:00-16:20. Wang Mu, Hill R.J. Electrical microrheology of hydrogel nanocomposites (Canada)

B03. 25.06, 16:20-16:40. Kuklin R.N. Equation of state and fluctuations of the adsorbate on the polarized interface (Russia)

B04. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Zhukov A.N. Electrokinetic phenomena in non-aqueous disperse and capillary systems (Russia)

B05. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Van Heiningen J., Hill R.J. Optical tweezing microelectrophoresis: Polymer adsorption and reconformation dynamics on a single microsphere (Canada)

BL06. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Oomen J.J.C. Electrolytic effects generated by thermolysis of non-volatile organic liquids (Netherlands)

B07. 26.06, 10:00-10:20. Lesin V.I. Formation of electric density waves as a result of colloidal solution flowing (Russia)

B08. 26.06, 10:20-10:40. Aleyner G.S., Us'yarov O.G. Influence of alkali dodecyl sulfates cations on surfactants adsorption and structure of electric double-layer on air/water surface (Russia)

B09. 26.06, 10:40-11:00. Mériguet G., Lucas I.T., Durand-Vidal S., Turq P. Electrokinetic properties of aqueous ferrofluids (France)

B10. 26.06, 11:00-11:20. Dmitrieva I.B. Electrosurface phenomena in disperse systems containing biological active substances (Russia)

B11. 26.06, 11:40-12:00. Kalinitchev A.I., Höll W. Surface complexation theory for multi-ionic equilibria in ion exchangers and theory of multicomponent preparative chromatography (Russia)

B12. 26.06, 12:00-12:20. Bondar D.V., Nefedov V.G. Anomalous conductivity of thin layers of water electrolytes with surface of section of the phases gas–liquid at the water electrolysis (Ukraine)

B13. 26.06, 12:20-12:40. Smirnova E.V., Koshel N.D. Research of process of ionization of hydrogen in system with the solid-polymer electrolyte MF-4SK-101 (Ukraine)

B14. 26.06, 12:40-13:00. Mishchuk N.A. Electrokinetic phenomena of the second kind (Ukraine)

B15. 26.06, 15:00-15:20. Ermakov Yu.A. Polycations and multivalent cations at the surface of lipid membranes: the electrokinetic properties and the electric structure of membrane boundaries (Russia)

B16. 26.06, 15:20-15:40. Albrecht V., Janke A., Reinsch E., Németh E., Schubert G., Husemann K., Simon F. Fundamentals of electrostatic charging of polymers (Germany)

BL17. 26.06, 17:00-17:30. Sergeeva I.P., Semenov D.A., Sobolev V.D., Kiseleva O.A., Churaev N.V. Surface structures formed by adsorption of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes and layer-layer adsorption (Russia)

B18. 26.06, 17:30-17:50. Roques-Carmes Th., Gigante A., Corbel S. The effect of surfactants on electrowetting driven fluid motion (France)

BL19. 27.06, 09:30-10:00. Smorodin V.Y. Interfacial phenomena in heterophilic disperse systems (Russia)

B20. 27.06, 10:00-10:20. Starov V.M., Korzhov E.N., Chopchiyan A.S. Mathematical modeling of electrodiffusion: spage charge formation (Russia)

B21. 27.06, 10:20-10:40. Vojtylov V.V., Voitylov A.V., Spartakov A.A., Trusov A.A. Electrophoretical and electrooptical researches of colloidal particle double electric layer (Russia)

B22. 27.06, 10:40-11:00. Lin Bo-Jiun, Chen Li-Jen. Temperature effect and charge effect on phase behaviour of two-dimensional colloidal particles at oil/water interfaces (Taiwan)

BP01. Barbin N.M. Electrochemical phenomena at platinum electrode in alkali and carbonate melts (Russia)

BP02. Bogdanova N.F., Ermakova L.E., Sidorova M.P. Oxide nanolayers onto oxide substrata: synthesis and electrokinetic characteristics (Russia)

BP03. Ermakova L.E., Petrov Yu.Yu., Sidorova M.P., Merkushev O.M., Avvakumova S.Yu. Electrosurface characteristics and stability of WO3 (VI) dispersions in electrolyte solutions (Russia)

BP04. Volkova A.V., Ermakova L.E., Sidorova M.P., Antropova T.V. Electrokinetic characteristics of nanoporous glass membranes in 1 : 1 electrolyte solutions (Russia)

BP05. Estrela-Llopis V.R., Ulberg Z.R., Kosenko O.A. On the possible reasons of the selective heterocoagulation of human being mesenchimal cells on the acrylic hydrogel surface (Ukraine)

BP06. Finogenova O.A., Timofeeva L.M., Ermakov Yu.A. Electrostatic effects accompanied the adsorption and desorption of polycations at the surface of lipid membranes of different composition (Russia)

BP07. Kuchek A.E., Gribanova E.V. Investigation of surface charge formation process by wetting and potentiometry (Russia)

BP08. Lopanov A.N., Fanina E.A., Semeykin A.J. Elektrosurface characteristics of carbon dispersion in electrolyte solutions (Russia)

BP09. Mosur P.M., Lorentsson A.V., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M. Electrosurface properties and stability of microcristalline cellulose dispersions in water solutions of AlCl3, Al(NO3)3 and Al2(SO4)3 (Russia)

BP10. Oomen J.J.C. Colloidal and electrochemical aspects of the generation of soot and coke (Netherlands)

BP11. Ruban I.N., Shadmanov R.K., Voropaeva N.L., Sharipov M.D. The role of cytoplasm as colloidal system in process of the cells’ fission in the alive organism. The Hypothesis (Uzbekistan)

BP12. Semashko O.V., Brodskaya E.N. The influence of the dielectric permittivity of solvent on the structure of the double electric layer of spherical macroion (Russia)

BP13. Smorodin V.Y. Percolation concept of zeta potential and peculiarities of electroosmosis in porous heterophilic media (Russia)

BP14. Solovieva T.G., Nikiforova T.G., Malev V.V. Double layer structural effects in the copper electrodeposition kinetics studied by Faradaic impedance and quartz microbalance methods (Russia)

BP15. Sybachin A.V., Efimova A.A., Litmanovich E.A., Yaroslavov A.A. The difference in structure and behaviour in complexes of negatively charged liposomes with polycations poly-L-lysyne and poly-N-ethyl-4-vynilpiridinium bromide (Russia)

BP16. Tikhomolov D.V., Bogachov D.A., Luchkan V.A. Research of influence of the electrolyte nature on dependence of thickness of thin water layers in a capillary, upon an electric field structure and magnitude (Russia)

BP17. Zabenkina E.O., Gorichev I.G. Calculation of the acid-base equilibrium constants at the magnetite–electrolyte boundary using pH dependency of electrokinetic potential (Russia)

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