III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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H. Colloid chemistry of polymers

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HL01. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Kandyrin L.B., Kuleznev V.N. Structure and properties of two phased mixtures reactive oligomers (Russia)

HL02. 26.06, 10:00-10:30. Ageev E.P., Matushkina N.N. Colloid-chemical motives in the mechanism of mass transfer of liquid media through polymeric materials (Russia)

H03. 26.06, 10:30-10:50. Maeda Hiroshi. On the negative “Corrin–Harkins coefficients” of polyionic micelles (Japan)

H04. 26.06, 10:50-11:10. Lezov A.V., Polushina G.E., Mikhailova M.E., Matveeva I.N., Dobrun L.A. The self-assembly of sulfonated polystyrene in solutions (Russia)

HL05. 26.06, 11:40-12:10. Menshikova A.Yu., Evseeva T.G., Shevchenko N.N., Shabsels B.M., Ivanchev S.S. Surface structure and functionality of monodisperse polymeric particles (Russia)

H06. 26.06, 12:10-12:30. Savitskaya T.A., Shibaila T.N., Grinshpan D.D. Colloid and chemical properties of interpolyelectrolytes complexes of chitosan and new water soluble cellulose derivatives (Belarus)

H07. 26.06, 12:30-12:50. Tsvetkova E.A., Pinchuk L.S., Goldade V.A., Ivanov L.F. Regulation of drug adsorption by a porous polymer matrix (Belarus)

H08. 26.06, 12:50-13:10. Pericet-Cámara R., Best A., Butt H.J., Bonaccurso E. Elastic deformation of a soft poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) surface by a sessile ionic liquid droplet studied by laser scanning confocal microscopy (Germany)

H09. 26.06, 15:00-15:20. Bogdanova S.A., Ebel A.O., Slobozhaninova M.V., Sautina N.V., Barabanov W.P. The effect of nonionic surfactants on the surface properties of olygomers and polymer materials (Russia)

H10. 26.06, 15:20-15:40. Tutorsky I.A., Simakova G.A., Potapov E.E. The obtaining of nanoparticles of protein in polymeric matrix (Russia)

H11. 26.06, 15:40-16:00. Koshevar V.D., Shinkareva E.V., Fadeev N.M. Epoxy oligomer aqueous dispersions stabilization by latexes of different types (Belarus)

HP01. Baros F., Cagna A., Babak V.G. Frequency dependence of dilational complex elasticity modulus of adsorption layers of polymers in the range 0.001–0.2 Hz (Russia)

HP02. Esimova O.A., Mussabekov K.B. Interaction between fitopreparation VK and surface active substances (Kazakhstan)

HP03. Kerimkulova M.J., Tusupbaev N.K., Mussabekov K.B., Tazhibaeva S.M., Kalieva P.C. Influence of nonionic surfactants on dispersity of coal and stabilization of concentrating coal suspensions (Kazakhstan)

HP04. Kluev V.A., Loznetsova N.N., Malkin A.I., Toporov Yu.P. Measurenment of the interfacial interaction energy by thermostimulated depolarisation technique (Russia)

HP05. Korchagina E.V., Philippova O.E. Nanogels in dilute aqueous solutions of chitosan (Russia)

HP06. Kulagina G.S., Chalykh A.E., Gerasimov V.K. Kinetics of structure organization during synthesis of organo-inorganic systems based on hydrophilic polymers and tetramethoxysilane (Russia)

HP07. Kumargalieva S.Sh., Aidarova S.B., Mussabekov K.B. Formation of monomolecular layers of fat acids on water solutions of polyethyleneimine at various temperatures (Kazakhstan)

HP08. Kurbanbaeva A.E., Khamraev S.S. Hydrodynamic properties of polymer surfactants on the basis of acrylic acid (Uzbekistan)

HP09. Lee Su Kyoung, Kim Byung Kyu. UV curable waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite with modified silica particles (South Korea)

HP10. Matrunchyk J.V., Vorobiova E.V., Basalyha I.I. pH influence on water absorption of hydroheat-sink polymeric complexes on the basis of polyacrylic acids (Belarus)

HP11. Melnikov A.B., Antonov E.A., Lutikov M.V., Lebedev V.T. Hydrodynamic properties of the low molar mass ionomers in organic solvents (Russia)

HP12. Mussabekov K.B., Batyrbekov E., Mussabekov N.K., Alimbekova G. Microcapsulating of drug medication by water soluble polymers (Kazakhstan)

HP13. Nowicka G., Nowicki W. Modelling of solvent effect on the conformation of a chain grafted to the planar surface (Poland)

HP14. Nowicki W., Nowicka G. Conformation of isolated end-tethered polymer chains represented by modified self-avoiding walk models (Poland)

HP15. Orozco-Alcaraz R., Kuhl T. Intersurface measurements of liquid phase supported membranes coated with PEG2000 (USA)

HP16. Perov N.S., Ozerin A.N., Akopova T.A., Zelenetskii A.N. Molecular mobility and structure of nanocomposites based on titanium oxide and copolymers of chitosan (Russia)

HP17. Pojarkova T.N., Nikulin S.S., Misin V.M., Molodkin S.V. Investigation of influence of various factors on coagulation ability of copolymer dimethyldiallylammonium chloride–acryl amide during precipitation of synthetic rubber (Russia)

HP18. Postnova I.V., Ivanova N.A., Shchipunov Y.A. Hydrogels formed by polyelectrolyte complexes of polysaccharides (Russia)

HP19. Reis B.M., Biggs S. Novel stimulus responsive coating for polystyrene particles (Brazil)

HP20. Sargosh L.V., Gaynutdinov R.V., Streltsov A.V. AFM investigations of polyaniline (Russia)

HP21. Shestak I.V., Varabyou P.D., Strnadova N. Deposits inhibition and dispersing properties of polyelectrolytes concerning scale formation processes (Belarus)

HP22. Shevchenko N.N., Menshikova A.Yu., Bagenova A.G., Selkin A.V., Yakimansky A.V. Self-assembling of monodisperse polymeric particles into periodic colloidal structures (Russia)

HP23. Shironina A.Yu., Derkach S.R., Novikov V.Yu. Application of electrophoresis for study of zymogenic hydrolysis of hydrobiont proteins (Russia)

HP24. Shulevich Yu.V., Zakharova Ju.A., Kovaleva O.Yu., Skrebneva V.G., Navrotskii A.V., Novakov I.A. Template polymerization of cationic monomer in micellar solution of sodium dodecyl sulfate and the properties of resultant complexes (Russia)

HP25. Silos I.V., Shabanova N.A. The regularities of aggregation of colloidal silica by water soluble polymers (Russia)

HP26. Streltsova E.A., Tymchuk A.F., Puzyryova I.V. The influence of the polyacrylamide on the surface and volume properties of alkylpyridinium chlorides (Ukraine)

HP27. Surikov P.V., Isaev I.A., Vorobyeva A.L., Kuleznev V.N. Phase separation and rheological behaviour polystyrene—polymethylmethacrylate—styrene–acrylonitrile copolymer system in solution (Russia)

HP28. Tazhibaeva S.M., Tusupova B.B., Tanybaeva A.K., Mussabekov K.B. Structure formation of gelatin and agar in the presense of melon pulp (Kazakhstan)

HP29. Verezhnikov V.N., Grinfeld E.A., Tekucheva A.E., Korystina L.A. Chemical aggregation of latex particles by dispersions of highly carboxylated polymers (Russia)

HP30. Voropaeva N.L. Water-soluble polymeric binary mixtures: obtaining, structure and properties (Uzbekistan)

HP31. Yemelyanov D.N., Volkova N.V., Vasil'eva O.A., Levko L.V. Role of wetting in conservation process of monuments from stone by acrylic copolymer solutions (Russia)

HP32. Zhukova O.V., Medvedeva V.V., Semchikov Yu.D. Gelatinized process of solvents of sodium lignosulphonate at the presence of salt of sixvalent chromium (Russia)

HP33. Zorin I.M., Melnikov A.B., Makarov I.A., Ushkova T.S., Antonov E.A., Rjumtsev E.I., Bilibin A.Yu. Synthesis and hydrodynamic properties of polymerized micelles of polymerizable ionic surfactants (Russia)

HP34. Zyn V.I. Synthesis and distribution of polymeric microparticles in a plasma chemical system with the artificial gravity (Russia)

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