III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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D. Surfactants, foams and emulsions

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DL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Smirnova N.A., Makarov A.L., Safonova E.A., Vanin A.A., Pukinsky I.B., Anufrikov Yu.A. Aggregation in aqueous mixtures of classical surfactants and ionic liquids (Russia)

DL02. 25.06, 16:00-16:30. Ikeda Norihiro, Mori Azusa, To Narumi, Yamauchi Erina, Tanaka Fudeko. Thermodynamic quantity changes at the transition from CBF to NBF of thin liquid film stabilized by cationic surfactant (Japan)

DL03. 25.06, 16:30-17:00. Shchekin A.K., Pelevina O.S. Joint kinetics of micellar relaxation with step-wise capture and emission of surfactant molecules and fusion-fission of aggregates (Russia)

D04. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Trufanova M.V., Selyanina S.B., Afanasiev N.I. Influence of sulphate lignines on colloidal chemical properties of micellformative surfactants (Russia)

D05. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Mirgorodskaya A.B. Cationic gemini surfactants: aggregation, solubilizing effect and catalytic action (Russia)

DL06. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Exerowa D. Surface forces in thin liquid films stabilized by polymeric surfactants (Bulgaria)

DL07. 26.06, 10:00-10:30. Malkin A.Ya., Masalova I. Rheology of highly concentrated emulsions (Russia)

D08. 26.06, 10:30-10:50. Shchekin A.K., Rusanov A.I., Kuni F.M. Thermodynamic theory of micelles of ionic surfactants (Russia)

D09. 26.06, 10:50-11:10. Derkach S.R., Kukushkina A.N., Dyakina T.A. Influence of surfactant nature on rheology of high concentrated emulsion (Russia)

D10. 26.06, 11:40-12:00. Shishkina L.N., Klimovich M.A., Paramonov D.V., Trofimov V.I. Influence of the forming conditions of liposomes on their physicochemical properties and lipid composition (Russia)

D11. 26.06, 12:00-12:20. Carnie S.L., Clasohm L.C., Connor J.N., Chan D.Y.C., Horn R.G., Manica R.A. Dimples, wimples and rimples: perturbing a stable film mechanically and electrically (Australia)

D12. 26.06, 12:20-12:40. Javadi A., Krägel J., Kovalchuk V.I., Miller R. Fast dynamics interfacial tension measurements by using the growing drop capillary pressure technique (Germany)

D13. 26.06, 12:40-13:00. Kasaikina O.T., Kartasheva Z.S., Pisarenko L.M., Krugovov D.A., Trunova N.A., Mengele E.A., Kradenova O.V. Microreactors formed by surfactants for oxidative transformation of hydrocarbons and lipids (Russia)

DL14. 26.06, 15:00-15:30. Kruglyakov P.M. Investigation of emulsion stabilisation by solid particles and phase inversion (Russia)

DL15. 26.06, 15:30-16:00. Platikanov D. Wetting behaviour and thin wetting films from aqueous solutions of polymeric surfactants (Bulgaria)

DL16. 26.06, 17:00-17:30. Germasheva I.I., Glukhareva N.A., Pertsov A.V., Sineva A.V. Parameters of the Krafft point of surfactants and their mixtures in solutions and concentrated systems (Russia)

D17. 26.06, 17:30-17:50. Vilkova N.G., Kruglyakov P.M. Surfactant solution flow through the foam at the small Boussinesq numbers (Russia)

D18. 26.06, 17:50-18:10. Narkiewicz-Michałek J., Szymula M. Activity of selected antioxidants in micellar systems (Poland)

D19. 27.06, 09:30-09:50. Shtykov S.N. Organized micellar nanosystems in chemical analysis: main results (Russia)

D20. 27.06, 09:50-10:10. Kartsev V.N., Shtykov S.N., Bogomolova I.V. Thermodynamic stability of microemulsions water/n-octane/sodium dodecylsulfate/n-pentanol (Russia)

D21. 27.06, 10:10-10:30. Makarevich N.A. Thermodynamic associative-dissociative multiplier in classical equations for real systems (Russia)

D22. 27.06, 10:30-10:50. Germashev V.G., Pravdin W.G., Germasheva I.I., Khmyrov A.V. Colloid-chemical properties of surfactant derivatives—soil humates (Russia)

DL23. 27.06, 12:00-12:30. Miller R., Alahverdjieva V.S., Kotsmar Cs., Fainerman V.B., Liggieri L., Loglio G., Noskov B.A., Rubio R.G., Leser M.E. Mixed adsorption layers at liquid interfaces (Germany)

D24. 27.06, 12:20-13:10. Gorin D.A., Portnov S.A., Inozemtseva O.A., Karagaichev A.L., Neveshkin A.A., Khlebtsov B.N., Shtykov S.N. Microcapsules containing poly(allylamine hydrochloride) and sulfated β-cyclodextrin in the structure of nanosized shell (Russia)

D25. 27.06, 12:30-12:50. Zakharova L.Ya., Valeeva F.G., Ibragimova A.R., Kudryavtseva L.A., Konovalov A.I. Supramolecular catalytic systems based on hydrophilic polymers and amphiphiles (Russia)

DP01. Aminov S.N., Solixov F.D., Ubaydullayev S.S. Direct synthesis and colloid chemical properties of cationic surfactants in quaternary ammonium salts (Uzbekistan)

DP02. Angarska Zh.K., Stubenrauch C., Manev E.D. Effect of nonionic surfactants on the thinning and critical thickness of foam films stabilized by n-dodecyl-β-d-maltoside (Bulgaria)

DP03. Borissevitch I.E., Pires M.A., Botelho M.H.M., Pavinatto F.J., Borissevitch G., Zaniquelli M.E., Oliveira Jr. O.N. Effect of biscyanine dyes on Langmuir DPPC monolayer formation and characteristics (Brazil)

DP04. Borissevitch I.E., Pires M.A., Aggarwal L.P.F., Zaniquelli M.E. Aggregation effects at interaction of organic dyes with surfactants (Brazil)

DP05. Boichenko A.P., Lê Công Hoan, Sidorenko A.Yu., German A.I., Loginova L.P. Effect of micellar media of surfactants with different charge type on protolytic properties of amino acids (Ukraine)

DP06. Burov S.V., Vanin A.A., Brodskaya E.N. Molecular dynamics simulations of self assembling of surfactant molecules with various length of hydrocarbon tail (Russia)

DP07. Chebotaryov A.N., Derevianko E.V., Scherbakova T.M., Krasnyanchuk M.V. The peculiarities of various acidity alumina surface modification by low-molecular and high-molecular surfactants (Ukraine)

DP08. Frolova G.M., Yudina T.P., Cherevach E.I., Babin Yu.V. Use of plant saponins of Saponaria officinalis l. roots as a food emulsifier (Russia)

DP09. Izhik A.P., Uriev N.B. Synthesis and colloidal-chemical properties of anionic surfactant for mineral suspensions (Russia)

DP10. Kochurova N.N., Hong Po-Da, Dmitrovskaya M.V., Germasheva I.I., Tihomirov I. Two-dimensional phase transitions under equilibrium and dynamic conditions (Russia)

DP11. Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Simulation of aggregate structures in w/o emulsions (Russia)

DP12. Kukushkina A.N. Surface rheology of mixed protein-surfactant layers (Russia)

DP13. Kurbanbaeva A.E., Nijazova M.M., Smirnova L.D. Diemulsifiable properties of PAS on the basis of local raw material (Uzbekistan)

DP14. Lasareva E.V., Pertsov A.V., Chernukhina A.I., Gabrielyan G.A. The influence of hydrophobic modification of chitosan with carboxylic surfactants on its colloidal-chemical properties (Russia)

DP15. Lishtvan I.I., Strigutsky V.P., Tsaruk T.Ya., Drebenkova I.V. Colloidal model of synergism of protective properties of oil-soluble surfactants (Belarus)

DP16. Loginova L.P., Yakovleva E.Yu., Galat M.N., Markov V.V., Boichenko A.P. Micellar properties of sodium dodecylsulfate solutions in the presence of aliphatic carboxylic acids and their application in micellar liquid chromatography (Ukraine)

DP17. Movchan T.G., Plotnikova E.V. Experimental researches of aqueous micellar solutions cetyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide (Russia)

DP18. Movchan T.G., Loznetsova N.N., Plotnikova E.V., Toporov Yu.P. Experimental researches of aqueous solutions pluronic F-127 (Russia)

DP19. Molchanov V.S., Shibaev A.V., Philippova O.E., Khokhlov A.R. Rheological study of wormlike micelles in anionic surfactant (potassium oleate) solutions (Russia)

DP20. Mudzhikova G.V., Brodskaya E.N. Molecular dynamics simulation of the SAS aggregation processes in nonpolar medium (Russia)

DP21. Opanasenko O.N., Plikus O.A., Zhigalova O.L., Ostrovskaya E.F. Effect of electrolytes on aggregative stability of bitumen-latex emulsion (Belarus)

DP22. Opanasenko O.N., Zhigalova O.L., Krutko N.P. The particular behaviour of mixed solutions of cationic surfactants of various structure (Belarus)

DP23. Ossovskaya I.I., Poltorazkiy G.M., Matveicheva E.A., Frolova M.A. The influence of nature of solvent on sorption capacity to the lignocellulose composite (Russia)

DP24. Podorozho E.A., Lozinsky V.I. Properties of composite poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels containing liquid disperse hydrophobic filler (Russia)

DP25. Poteshnova M.V., Zadymova N.M., Kulichikhin V.G. Behaviour of normal (o/w) Tween 80 micelles in presence of aromatic solubilizates (Russia)

DP26. Prokhorova G.V., Glukhareva N.A. Colloid-chemical properties of mixtures of individual soaps and alkyl polyglycosides (Russia)

DP27. Rusanova T.Yu., Neveshkin A.A., Shtykov S.N., Gorin D.A., Ryzhkina I.S. Monolayers and nanodimensional Langmuir–Blodgett films based on amphiphilic aminomethylated calix[4]resorcinarenes (Russia)

DP28. Smirnova T.D., Nevryueva N.V., Shtykov S.N. Effect of micelles on the energy transfer in excited state and its application for determination of antibiotics (Russia)

DP29. Samatadze A.I., Kandyrin L.B., Kuleznev V.N. The influence of surfactant onto structure and properties of filled and unfilled water-oligomer's emulsions (Russia)

DP30. Savchuk K.R., Vlasov A.Yu., Smirnova N.A. The ion specificity influence on the aggregative properties of ionic surfactants salt aqueous solutions and surfactant mixtures aqueous solutions (Russia)

DP31. Sazonova V.F., Perlova O.V., Kojemyak M.A. The thermodynamic analysis of distribution alkylcarboxylates rare earth elements between aqueous and organic phases (Ukraine)

DP32. Shadryna V.I., Bashmakov I.A., Zhavnerko G.K., Agabekov V.E., Kaputskii F.N. Monohydric alcohols are anticoagulants in the processes of formation of honeycomb films based on carboxylated nitrocellulose (Belarus)

DP33. Sizonenko O.N. High-voltage electric discharge in liquid as method of SAM activation (Ukraine)

DP34. Solomko N.Yu., Budishevska O.G., Voronov S.A. Polyperoxide modifier of latex particles on basis of chitosan (Ukraine)

DP35. Starov V.M., Ivanova N.A., Rubio R.G., Hilal N. Spreading of aqueous trisiloxane surfactant solutions on hydrophobic surfaces (UK)

DP36. Starov V.M., Lee Khai Siang, Rubio R.G. Spreading of surfactant solutions: surfactant solubility’s influence on Marangoni phenomena (UK)

DP37. Vanin A.A., Smirnova N.A. Molecular dynamic simulation of aqueous micellar solutions of ionic liquids and their mixtures with sodium dodecylsulphate (Russia)

DP38. Xu Yuming, Dabros T., Wu Jiangying, Hamza H. Emulsions and foams encountered in oil sands bitumen processing (Canada)

DP39. Zelentsova E.S., Kolesnikova E.N., Glukhareva N.A. Micelle formation in aqueous solutions of disodium salt of sulfosuccinic acid monoamide (Russia)

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