III International Conference on Colloid Chemistry and Physicochemical Mechanics

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E. Nanobiotechnology; EF. Nanobiotechnology and nanomaterials

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EFL01. 25.06, 15:30-16:00. Khlebtsov N.G. Functionalized plasmon-resonant nanoparticles: fabrication, optical properties, and biomedical applications (Russia)

EFL02. 25.06, 16:00-16:30. Yaminsky I.V. Morphology and structure of natural nanocapsules as revealed by scanning probe microscopy (Russia)

EFL03. 25.06, 16:30-17:00. Boury F. Calcium carbonate microparticles formulation using CO2 in supercritical conditions. Encapsulation of model proteins (France)

E01. 25.06, 17:20-17:40. Oleinikov V.A., Generalova A.N., Sizova S.V., Khaneft M.S., Klinov D.V., Mochalov K.E., Zubov V.P. Novel polymer reagents with encapsulated fluorescent semiconductor CdSe (ZnS) nanocrystals for bioanalysis (Russia)

E02. 25.06, 17:40-18:00. Frochot C., Couleaud P., Bechet D., Viriot M., Barberi-Heyob M. Recent improvement in the use of nanoparticles as vehicles for photodynamic therapy agent delivery (France)

E03. 25.06, 18:00-18:20. Dementieva O.V., Filippenko M.A., Matveev V.V., Pisarev S.A., Rudoy V.M. Colloidal chemical synthesis and optical properties of novel, composite nanoparticles (Russia)

E04. 25.06, 18:20-18:40. Smorodin V.Y., Nohe A. A new method to deliver nanoparticles/proteins into the nuclei of living cells (Russia)

EL05. 26.06, 09:30-10:00. Shutava T.G. Encapsulation of natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties in polyelectrolyte capsules and nanoparticles (Belarus)

EL06. 26.06, 10:00-10:30. Auzély-Velty R., Babak V.G. Molecular recognition at the interface. Inclusion complex formation between chitosan modified by adamantane and cyclodextrin studied by flow interfacial dilational rheometry (France)

E07. 26.06, 10:30-10:50. Parakhonsky B.V., Marchenko I.V., Bukreeva T.V., Plotnikov G.S., Feigin L.A. Polyelectrolyte capsule modification by silver and gold nanoparticles and destruction of nanocomposite capsules by laser irradiation (Russia)

E08. 26.06, 10:50-11:10. Filiâtre C., Dange C., Pignolet C., Foissy A. Electrodeposition of core-shell particles: influence of surfactant and alternate polyelectrolyte multilayer (France)

EL09. 26.06, 11:40-12:10. Antonov E.N., Bagratashvili V.N., Bochkova S.A., Bogorodski S.E., Borodina T.N., Markvicheva E.A., Popov V.K., Popova A.V., Rumsh L.D. New approaches to encapsulation of bioactive species into the polymer matrices (Russia)

E10. 26.06, 12:10-12:30. Rieger J., Freichels H., Stoffelbach F., Imberty A., Lameignère E., Putaux J.L., Delair T., Jérôme R., Jérôme C., Auzély-Velty R. Mannosylated biodegradable aliphatic polyesters: synthesis, characterization and application to the production of colloidal drug delivery systems (France)

E11. 26.06, 12:30-12:50. Zadymova N.M., Yampolskaya G.P., Elenskiy A.A., Kulichikhin V.G. Colloid structures for transdermal delivery of biology active species (Russia)

E12. 26.06, 12:50-13:10. Pajić-Lijaković I., Bugarski D., Plavšić M., Bugarski B. Microenvironmental restrictive effects influencing the growth of hybridoma cells inside various types of microcarriers (Serbia)

EL13. 26.06, 15:00-15:30. Guo Xin, Chen Haigang, Brazdova B., Franz A.H., Zhang Huizhen, Zhang Ningrong, Szoka F.C., Samoshin V.V. Design of biocompatible pH-sensitive liposomes for drug and gene delivery (Russia)

E14. 26.06, 15:30-15:50. Klyachko N.L., Sukhanova T.V., Filatova L.Yu., Efremov E.S., Prudchenko I.A., Markvicheva E.A. Peptides bioencapsulated in colloid nanocontainers as promising drug delivery systems (Russia)

E15. 26.06, 15:50-16:10. Erçelen Ş., Zhang Xin, Duportail G., Schaub E., Tikhonov V., Slita A., Zarubaev V., Mély Y., Babak V.G. Efficient and non-toxic gene delivery vectors: hydrophobically modified low molecular weight chitosans (Turkey)

E16. 26.06, 16:10-16:30. Stébé M.J., Babak V.G. Molecular diffusion from cubic phases and highly concentrated emulsions (France)

E17. 26.06, 17:00-17:20. Alexandrova V.A., Balabushevich N.G., Larionova N.I., Snigireva G.P. Development of the chitosan derivatives exhibiting antimutagenic activity and polyelectrolyte microparticles on their basis (Russia)

E18. 26.06, 17:20-17:40. Onésippe C., Lagerge S. Investigation of the physical interactions in SDS-hydrophobically modified chitosan nanoparticles (France)

E19. 26.06, 17:40-18:00. Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Nanoemulsion for substance encapsulation (Russia)

E20. 26.06, 18:00-18:20. Vodovozova E.L., Kuznetsova N.R., Kandyba A.G., Moiseeva E.V., Gaenko G.P., Bovin N.V., Molotkovsky J.G. Effective antitumour liposomal formulations on the basis of lipid conjugates of anticancer drugs (Russia)

EL21. 27.06, 09:30-10:00. Rudoy V.M., Dementieva O.V., Vereshchagina O.F., Bolshakova A.V., Roumyantseva T.B. Colloidal chemical methods of construction of metal nanoparticle’s 2D-ensembles on solid substrates as the basis of optical media for nanoplasmonics (Russia)

EL22. 27.06, 10:00-10:30. Baros F., Boulanouar O., Gaboriaud F., Izmailov B.A., Vasnev V.A., Babak V.G. Towards the elaboration of nanometre thickness functionalized cross-linked siloxane networks by Langmuir–Blodgett technique: application to artificial muscles based on photomechanical effect (France)

E23. 27.06, 10:30-10:50. Marchyk N.A., Zhavnerko G.K., Agabekov V.E. Formation and properties of monomolecular films of amphiphilic polymers (Belarus)

E24. 27.06, 10:50-11:10. Boulanouar O., Herlem G., Palmino F., Babak V.G., Sanche L., Fromm M. Impact of physico-chemical parameters on the formation, structure and stability of DNA plasmides monolayers on molecularly smooth solid substrates (France)

E25. 27.06, 12:00-12:20. Ulberg Z.R. Colloidal-chemical properties of biological nanosystem. Biomembranes (Ukraine)

E26. 27.06, 12:20-12:40. Faure A.C., Dufort S., Josserand V., Perriat P., Coll J.L., Billotey C., Janier M., Roux S., Tillement O. Control of the biodistribution of nanoparticles combining imaging and therapy (France)

E27. 27.06, 12:40-13:00. Raychenko O.I., Kushchevska N.F., Derevyanko O.V., Ogorodnikov V.V. Theoretical and experimental research of attack of magnetic nanocolloids on tumour cells (Ukraine)

E28. 27.06, 13:00-13:20. Postnikov V.A., Kraiskii A.V., Tikhonov V.E., Deniskin V.V., Sultanov T.T., Khamidulin A.V. Hydrogel holographic sensors for detection of components in biological fluids (Russia)

EP01. Couleaud P., Frochot C., Vanderesse R., Faure A.C., Bechet D., Roux S., Tillement O., Thomas N., Viriot M., Barberi-Heyob M. New multifunctional platform for diagnosis and photodynamic therapy applications (France)

EP02. Generalova A.N., Sizova S.V., Klinov D.V., Mochalov K.E., Zdobnova T.A., Deev S.M., Zubov V.P., Oleinikov V.A. Submicron copolymer particles with encapsulated fluorescent semiconductor CdSe (ZnS) nanocrystals for bioanalysis (Russia)

EP03. Gonçalves P.J., De Boni L., Corrêa D.S., Aggarwal L.P.F., Misoguti L., Mendonça C.R., Zilio S.C., Borissevitch I.E. The effect of interaction with ionic micelles on porphyrin excited state characteristics (Brazil)

EP04. Khaneft M.S., Mochalov K.E., Oleinikov V.A., Sotnikov P.S. Solubilization of semiconductor CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals by molecular encapsulation method (Russia)

EP05. Dementiev A.A., Kraevsky S.V., Kuvykin I.V., Mamedov M.D., Ptushenko V.V., Semenov Yu.A., Tikhonov A.N., Khomutov G.B. Thin-film polymeric material with encapsulated functional biological components: viable photosynthetic organelles in layer-by-layer assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers (Russia)

EP06. Hilevskaya K.S., Masalova O.A., Shutava T.G., Agabekov V.E. Polysaccharide multilayers as encapsulating coatings (Belarus)

EP07. Parakhonsky G.V., Bukreeva T.V., Parakhonsky B.V., Petrov N.Kh. The investigation of carbocyanine dyes inside polyelectrolyte microcapsules (Russia)

EP08. Shevchenko G.P., Loginova N.V., Potapenko L.T., Fedutik Yu.A., Chernyavskaya A.A. Colloid silver in micro- and nanocapsulation (Belarus)

EP09. Skorb E.V., Shchukin D.G., Sviridov D.V. Photocontrollable nano- and microcontainers based on nanostructured titanium dioxide (Belarus)

EP10. Barabanova A.I., Babak V.G., Velezheva V.S., Philippova O.E., Khokhlov A.R. Development of nanoencapsulated form of anti-tuberculosis therapeutic (Russia)

EP11. Kildeeva N.R., Babak V.G., Mironov A.V., Chernisheva Yu.V., Tikhonov V.E. Prevention of denaturation of enzymes in contact with organic phase in microencapsulation by emulsification-solvent evaporation method (Russia)

EP12. Maincent P., Sheikh Hasan A., Sapin A. Decrease of burst release of drugs: encapsulation of nanoparticles in microparticles (France)

EP13. Maksimenko O.O., Vanchugova L.V., Shipulo E.V., Generalova A.N., Hekmatara T., Kreuter J., Gelperina S.E. Nanoparticle-based formulation approach for the poorly soluble drug substances (Russia)

EP14. Samchenko Yu.M., Sukhodub L.B., Sukhodub L.F., Danilchenko S.N., Kovzun I.G., Ulberg Z.R. Hydrogel matrixes with immobilized nanoparticles of biomaterials (Ukraine)

EP15. Elenskiy A.A. Microemulsions as drug carriers (Russia)

EP16. Filatova L.Yu., Oksenoit E.S., Yakovleva K., Klyachko N.L. Papain in microemulsions: catalytic activity and stability (Russia)

EP17. Guo Xin, Brazdova B., Zhang Ningrong, Samoshin V.V. trans-2-Aminocyclohexanol as a pH-sensitive conformational switch in lipid amphiphiles (Russia)

EP18. Guo Xin, Chen Haigang, Franz A.H., Zhang Huizhen, Szoka F.C., Samoshin V.V. pH-Sensitive, ortho ester-based cationic lipoplexes for gene delivery (Russia)

EP19. Borodina T.N., Rumsh L.D., Kunizhev S.M., Sukhorukov G.B., Markvicheva E.A. Polyelectrolyte biodegradable herbal extract-loaded microcapsules based on colloid calcium carbonate microparticles (Russia)

EP20. Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M., Savin A.V., Korotkova E.M. Encapsulation of lipophilic vitamins in alginate polysaccharide matrixes (Russia)

EP21. Selina O.E., Chinarev A.A., Bartkowiak A., Bovin N.V., Markvicheva E.A. Bioencapsulation of antigens in biocompatible microspheres based on alginate and chitosan (Russia)

EP22. Vaquette C., Babak V.G., Baros F., Boulanouar O., Dumas D., Fievet P., Maincent P., Wang Xiong. Electrospun nano- and microfibers from biopolymers and their possible utilisation in tissues engineering (Russia)

EP23. Alekseeva O.M., Fatkullina L.D., Burlakova E.B., Goloshchapov A.N., Kim Yu.A. The model “From micelles to supramolecular structure” for hybrid antioxidants actions on the membranes (Russia)

EP24. Belousov S.I. Self-organized nanolayers of films from mixed polysiloxanes (Russia)

EP25. Bondarenko V.V., Zaitsev S.Yu., Tsarkova M.S., Varlamova E.A., Staroverova I.N., Vedernikov A.I., Sazonov S.K., Gromov S.P. Chemosensor materials for detection of alkyldiamines by optical methods (Russia)

EP26. Chernichko D.I., Khomutov G.B. Interfacially-formed nanostructured monolayer DNA complexes with amphiphilic compounds and iron oxide nanoparticles (Russia)

EP27. Korshicova A.V., Tsarkova M.S., Zaitsev S.Yu., Staroverova I.N., Gromov S.P. Monomolecular layers based on the derivatives of dithia-crowncontaining dyes (Russia)

EP28. Samarik V.Ya., Tarnavchik I.T., Nosova N.G., Varvarenko S.N., Kogut A.M., Voronov S.A., Voronov A.S. Hydrogels, inoculated to peroxidized polymer surface (Ukraine)

EP29. Varlamova E.A., Zaitsev S.Yu., Tsarkova M.S., Bondarenko V.V., Gromov S.P. Optical chemosensors for detection of strontium cations on the bases of crown-ethers, immobilized in polymeric films (Russia)

EP30. Belov S.Y., Selina O.E., Baluisheva V.I., Vlasova N.N., Markvicheva E.A. Using microencapsulation to prolong the immune response at DNA vaccination (Russia)

EP31. Fatkullina L.D., Krivandin A.V., Burlakova E.B. Changes in structural parameters of erythrocytes' membranes caused by superfine zinc powder in vitro experiments (Russia)

EP32. Gelperina S.E., Budko A.P., Maksimenko O.O., Vanchugova L.V., Shipulo E.V., Kreuter J. Biodistribution study of nanoparticle-bound rifabutin (Russia)

EP33. Grandfils Ch., Blanquet O., Kottgen C. Immobilization of peptides/proteins: from macromolecular engineering to nanodrug delivery systems (France)

EP34. Kaputskii F.N., Gert E.V., Torgashov V.I., Zubets O.V., Curling S.F., Hill C.A.S. Oxidative/hydrolytic modification of cellulose as a method for obtaining hydrogels for medical purpose (Belarus)

EP35. Klyachko N.L., Uglanova S.V., Golovin Yu.I., Korenkov V., Abrikosova Yu.E., Lyakina A.Yu., Ivanov R.A. Docetaxel containing lyophilized emulsion retains its properties (Russia)

EP36. Shadmanov R.K., Ruban I.N., Voropaeva N.L., Sharipov M.D. To mechanism of the redistribution the information in the cells reproduction (Uzbekistan)

EP37. Tulskaya E.V., Zaitsev S.Yu. Studying of lipase activity in presence of synthetic and natural polyelectrolytes (Russia)

EP38. Zaytseva-Zotova D.S., Akopova T.A., Vodovozova E.L., Markvicheva E.A. Bioencapsulated multicellular tumour spheroids can mimic small size solid tumours (Russia)

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