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Wed, 25 June. Plenary session I

10:00-10:20. Opening ceremony

 P01  10:20-11:00. Pertsov A.V., Zaitseva (Baum) E.A. The discovery of electrokinetic phenomena in Moscow University (Russia)

 P02  11:00-11:40. Lyklema J. What does a Zeta potential actually mean? (Netherlands)

Coffee break

 P03  12:00-12:40. Shilov V.N. Fields for application of the theory of electrokinetic phenomena. Results and prospects (Ukraine)

 P04  12:40-13:20. Mackay R.A. Electrochemistry in dispersions (USA)

Lunch (13:30–15:00)
Wed, 25 June. Thematic sessions
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A1
Shchekin A.K., Starov V.M.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B1
Us'yarov O.G., Bárány S.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D1
Rusanov A.I., Ikeda Norihiro
Section EF. Nanobiotechnology and nanomaterials
Babak V.G., Malygin A.A.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G1
Butyagin P.Yu., Streletskii A.N.
Section K. Preservation of the environment
Session K1
Lishtvan I.I., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M.

 AL01  15:30-16:00. Starov V.M. Current problems in kinetics of wetting and spreading (UK)

 AL02  16:00-16:30. Brodskaya E.N., Rusanov A.I. The pressure tensor in a wedge-shaped film (Russia)

 AL03  16:30-17:00. Roldughin V.I. Generalized non-equilibrium thermodynamics of colloidal systems (Russia)

 BL01  15:30-16:00. Bárány S. Electrophoresis in strong electric fields (Hungary)

 B02  16:00-16:20. Wang Mu, Hill R.J. Electrical microrheology of hydrogel nanocomposites (Canada)

 B03  16:20-16:40. Kuklin R.N. Equation of state and fluctuations of the adsorbate on the polarized interface (Russia)

 DL01  15:30-16:00. Smirnova N.A., Makarov A.L., Safonova E.A., Vanin A.A., Pukinsky I.B., Anufrikov Yu.A. Aggregation in aqueous mixtures of classical surfactants and ionic liquids (Russia)

 DL02  16:00-16:30. Ikeda Norihiro, Mori Azusa, To Narumi, Yamauchi Erina, Tanaka Fudeko. Thermodynamic quantity changes at the transition from CBF to NBF of thin liquid film stabilized by cationic surfactant (Japan)

 DL03  16:30-17:00. Shchekin A.K., Pelevina O.S. Joint kinetics of micellar relaxation with step-wise capture and emission of surfactant molecules and fusion-fission of aggregates (Russia)

 EFL01  15:30-16:00. Khlebtsov N.G. Functionalized plasmon-resonant nanoparticles: fabrication, optical properties, and biomedical applications (Russia)

 EFL02  16:00-16:30. Yaminsky I.V. Morphology and structure of natural nanocapsules as revealed by scanning probe microscopy (Russia)

 EFL03  16:30-17:00. Boury F. Calcium carbonate microparticles formulation using CO2 in supercritical conditions. Encapsulation of model proteins (France)

 GL01  15:30-16:00. Butyagin P.Yu., Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V. Mechanical tensions, structural relaxation and reactivity of solids (Russia)

 G02  16:00-16:20. Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V., Borunova A.B., Butyagin P.Yu. Reactivity of mechanochemical nanocomposites (Russia)

 G03  16:20-16:40. Makhaev V.D., Petrova L.A. Solid-phase mechanochemical synthesis of complex compounds (Russia)

 G04  16:40-17:00. Politov A.A., Tapilin V.M., Bulgakov N.N., Chupakhin A.P., Druganov A.G. The mechanism of anthracene dimerization under high pressure and shift (Russia)

 KL01  15:30-16:00. Lishtvan I.I. Colloid chemistry as a solution of the environment protection challenges (Belarus)

 K02  16:00-16:20. Delitsyn L.M., Vlasov A.S. Colloid and chemical properties of nepheline solutions of in weak solutions of sulfuric acid and their use in ecological problems (Russia)

 K03  16:20-16:40. Sineva A.V., Parfenova A.M., Kolbanev I.V. Natural minerals in water purification from ionic and non-ionic surfactants (Russia)

 K04  16:40-17:00. Tusupbaev N.K. Develop of non-cyanide technology of metal-colloid ore-dressing by using nanosize adjuvants and depressors (Kazakhstan)

Wed, 25 June. Thematic sessions (continued)
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A2
Starov V.M., Tovbin Yu.K.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B2
Zhukov A.N., Hill R.J.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D2
Smirnova I.V., Derkach S.R.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E1. Quantum dots, biomedical applications
Babak V.G., Simonnet J.T.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F1. Films and solid surfaces
Malygin A.A., Khomutov G.B.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G2
Streletskii A.N., Angarska Zh.K.
Section K. Preservation of the environment
Session K2
Akhmedov U.K., Sineva A.V.

 A04  17:20-17:40. Tovbin Yu.K. Properties of vapour–liquid interface in slit-like pores (Russia)

 A05  17:40-18:00. Tolmachev A.M., Firsov D.A., Anuchin K.M., Khondar G.O. The application of the method of heterogeneous molecular dynamics for a priori adsorption isotherms calculation on microporous active carbons and topological analysis of adsorbates supramolecular stru (Russia)

 A06  18:00-18:20. Sucharev Yu.I. The physico-chemical nature of polarization of living gels of heavy metals oxyhydrates (Russia)

 B04  17:20-17:40. Zhukov A.N. Electrokinetic phenomena in non-aqueous disperse and capillary systems (Russia)

 B05  17:40-18:00. Van Heiningen J., Hill R.J. Optical tweezing microelectrophoresis: Polymer adsorption and reconformation dynamics on a single microsphere (Canada)

 D04  17:20-17:40. Trufanova M.V., Selyanina S.B., Afanasiev N.I. Influence of sulphate lignines on colloidal chemical properties of micellformative surfactants (Russia)

 D05  17:40-18:00. Mirgorodskaya A.B. Cationic gemini surfactants: aggregation, solubilizing effect and catalytic action (Russia)

 E01  17:20-17:40. Oleinikov V.A., Generalova A.N., Sizova S.V., Khaneft M.S., Klinov D.V., Mochalov K.E., Zubov V.P. Novel polymer reagents with encapsulated fluorescent semiconductor CdSe (ZnS) nanocrystals for bioanalysis (Russia)

 E02  17:40-18:00. Frochot C., Couleaud P., Bechet D., Viriot M., Barberi-Heyob M. Recent improvement in the use of nanoparticles as vehicles for photodynamic therapy agent delivery (France)

 E03  18:00-18:20. Dementieva O.V., Filippenko M.A., Matveev V.V., Pisarev S.A., Rudoy V.M. Colloidal chemical synthesis and optical properties of novel, composite nanoparticles (Russia)

 E04  18:20-18:40. Smorodin V.Y., Nohe A. A new method to deliver nanoparticles/proteins into the nuclei of living cells (Russia)

 F01  17:20-17:40. Malygin A.A. Influence of the surface of solid on process of chemical assembling of nanostructures (Russia)

 F02  17:40-18:00. Golovin Yu.I. Nanoindentation and physical-mechanical properties of material subsurface layers in nanoscale. (Russia)

 F03  18:00-18:20. Khomutov G.B., Kislov V.V., Koksharov Yu.A., Taranov I.V. Organized colloidal nanostructures and nanofilm materials (Russia)

 F04  18:20-18:40. Levchenko V.A., Rakov D.L., Novoselova N.V., Matveenko V.N. New generation nanocomposites on the basis of carbon polymer (Russia)

 G05  17:20-17:40. Ancharov A.I., Grigoryeva T.F., Barinova A.P., Lyakhov N.Z., Tsybulya S.V. Sequence of phase trasformation at mechanochemical interaction of solid and liquid metals (Russia)

 G06  17:40-18:00. Aleksandrov A.I., Karmilov A.Yu., Shevchenko V.G. Mechanochemical synthesis of nanostructured polymeric organic-inorganic composite with effect of giant magnetoresistance (Russia)

 G07  18:00-18:20. Tolochko B.P., Lyakhov N.Z., Zhogin I.L., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Pruuel E.R., Zubkov P.I., Lukyanchikov L.A., Zhulanov V.V., Shekhtman L.I. The using of synchrotron radiation for mechanochemical model experiments with nanosecond time resolution (Russia)

 K05  17:20-17:40. Akhmedov U.K. Synthesis and properties of a gidrogelmeliorants (Uzbekistan)

 K06  17:40-18:00. Dyagileva A.B., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M., Moreva Yu.L., Rudakova I.S. Colloid-chemical properties of sulphate (kraft) lignin water dispersions (Russia)

 K07  18:00-18:20. Grinshpan D.D., Tsygankova N.G., Nevar T.N., Makarevitch S.E., Savitskaya T.A. Superfine activated carbon suspensions in water treatment processes (Belarus)

Thu, 26 June. Thematic sessions
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A3
Roldughin V.I., Samsonov V.M.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B3
Shilov V.N., Mériguet G.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D3
Derkach S.R., Malkin A.Ya.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E2. Interpolyelectrolyte capsules
Shutava T.G., Auzély-Velty R.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F2. Nanoparticles
Kamyshny A.M., Volkov V.A.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G3
Butyagin P.Yu., Prut E.V.
Section H. Polymers
Session H1
Kuleznev V.N., Maeda Hiroshi

 AL07  09:30-10:00. Samsonov V.M. Computer experiments and theoretical approaches to wetting and spreading (Russia)

 A08  10:00-10:20. Bembel A.G., Pushkar M.Yu., Samsonov V.M., Nazarova E.A. Molecular dynamics study of the thin film growth (Russia)

 A09  10:20-10:40. Tumayev E.N., Garazha E.V., Lebedev V.A. Diffusive-limited doping distribution at directional crystallization (Russia)

 A10  10:40-11:00. Shchukina Ye.L., Volkov V.A., Sadova S.F., Pankratova Ye.V., Plakhotnikh T.V. Distribution of capillary volume of textile fabric by the size of capillars and how it is affected by the modification of fibre surface after plasma treatment (Russia)

 A11  11:00-11:20. Grinin A.P., Kuni F.M., Gor G.Yu. Nonsteady theory of gas bubble diffusion growth in supersaturated gas solution (Russia)

 BL06  09:30-10:00. Oomen J.J.C. Electrolytic effects generated by thermolysis of non-volatile organic liquids (Netherlands)

 B07  10:00-10:20. Lesin V.I. Formation of electric density waves as a result of colloidal solution flowing (Russia)

 B08  10:20-10:40. Aleyner G.S., Us'yarov O.G. Influence of alkali dodecyl sulfates cations on surfactants adsorption and structure of electric double-layer on air/water surface (Russia)

 B09  10:40-11:00. Mériguet G., Lucas I.T., Durand-Vidal S., Turq P. Electrokinetic properties of aqueous ferrofluids (France)

 B10  11:00-11:20. Dmitrieva I.B. Electrosurface phenomena in disperse systems containing biological active substances (Russia)

 DL06  09:30-10:00. Exerowa D. Surface forces in thin liquid films stabilized by polymeric surfactants (Bulgaria)

 DL07  10:00-10:30. Malkin A.Ya., Masalova I. Rheology of highly concentrated emulsions (Russia)

 D08  10:30-10:50. Shchekin A.K., Rusanov A.I., Kuni F.M. Thermodynamic theory of micelles of ionic surfactants (Russia)

 D09  10:50-11:10. Derkach S.R., Kukushkina A.N., Dyakina T.A. Influence of surfactant nature on rheology of high concentrated emulsion (Russia)

 EL05  09:30-10:00. Shutava T.G. Encapsulation of natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties in polyelectrolyte capsules and nanoparticles (Belarus)

 EL06  10:00-10:30. Auzély-Velty R., Babak V.G. Molecular recognition at the interface. Inclusion complex formation between chitosan modified by adamantane and cyclodextrin studied by flow interfacial dilational rheometry (France)

 E07  10:30-10:50. Parakhonsky B.V., Marchenko I.V., Bukreeva T.V., Plotnikov G.S., Feigin L.A. Polyelectrolyte capsule modification by silver and gold nanoparticles and destruction of nanocomposite capsules by laser irradiation (Russia)

 E08  10:50-11:10. Filiâtre C., Dange C., Pignolet C., Foissy A. Electrodeposition of core-shell particles: influence of surfactant and alternate polyelectrolyte multilayer (France)

 FL05  09:30-10:00. Kamyshny A., Grouchko M., Magdassi Sh. Copper and copper-silver core-shell nanoparticles: formation, characterization and potential applications (Israel)

 FL06  10:00-10:30. Lokteva I., Kloper V., Lifshitz E., Kolny-Olesiak J. Formation of CdSe nanoparticles from in-situ formed crystalline Cd particles and two different Se-precursors (Germany)

 F07  10:30-10:50. Olenin A.Yu., Romanovskaya G.I. Synthesis and use of hydrophobic silver nanoparticles in luminescent analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (Russia)

 F08  10:50-11:10. Shilova O.A., Khamova T.V., Hashkovsky S.V., Golikova E.V. Encapsulation of powders of a various nature and dispersity by sol-gel processing (Russia)

 GL08  09:30-10:00. Prut E.V., Medintseva T.I. Dynamic vulcanization as mechanochemical process (Russia)

 G09  10:00-10:20. Lyakhov N.Z., Grigoryeva T.F. The model of mechanochemical formation of solid solution (Russia)

 G10  10:20-10:40. Tolochko B.P., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Zubkov P.I., Lyakhov N.Z., Pruuel E.R. The main principles of detonation synthesis of metal nanopaticles from carboxylates (Russia)

 G11  10:40-11:00. Akopova T.A., Vladimirov L.V., Zelenetskii A.N., Zelenetskii S.N., Kuznetsov A.A., Semenova G.K., Surin N.M. Colloidal systems of chitosan in organic solvents; solid state synthesis, properties, and application (Russia)

 HL01  09:30-10:00. Kandyrin L.B., Kuleznev V.N. Structure and properties of two phased mixtures reactive oligomers (Russia)

 HL02  10:00-10:30. Ageev E.P., Matushkina N.N. Colloid-chemical motives in the mechanism of mass transfer of liquid media through polymeric materials (Russia)

 H03  10:30-10:50. Maeda Hiroshi. On the negative “Corrin–Harkins coefficients” of polyionic micelles (Japan)

 H04  10:50-11:10. Lezov A.V., Polushina G.E., Mikhailova M.E., Matveeva I.N., Dobrun L.A. The self-assembly of sulfonated polystyrene in solutions (Russia)

Coffee break
Thu, 26 June. Thematic sessions (continued)
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A4
Samsonov V.M., Shchekin A.K.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B4
Lyklema J., Mishchuk N.A.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D4
Kasaikina O.T., Carnie S.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E3. Drug delivery by biocompartible polymers
Yampolskaya G.P., Filiâtre C.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F3. Mesoporous, adsorbents
Shchipunov Yu.A., Stébé M.J.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G4
Prut E.V., Tolochko B.P.
Section H. Polymers
Session H2
Kandyrin L.B., Koshevar V.D.

 A12  11:40-12:00. Bulienkov N.A., Zheligovskaya E.A. Self-organization of heterogeneous colloid, biomimetic, and biological systems on the structure of the surface layer of water and similarity of their morphologic patterns (Russia)

 A13  12:00-12:20. Shchekin A.K., Rusanov A.I., Shabaev I.V. The generalized Gibbs–Kelvin–Kohler and Ostwald–Freundlich equations in thermodynamics of films on soluble condensation nuclei (Russia)

 A14  12:20-12:40. Lai San-Kiong. Theoretical studies of the colloidal domains of phases in coexistence (Taiwan)

 A15  12:40-13:00. Krupnova T.G., Sucharev Yu.I. Delay effect of the influence the static magnetic field on yttrium oxyhydrate gels (Russia)

 B11  11:40-12:00. Kalinitchev A.I., Höll W. Surface complexation theory for multi-ionic equilibria in ion exchangers and theory of multicomponent preparative chromatography (Russia)

 B12  12:00-12:20. Bondar D.V., Nefedov V.G. Anomalous conductivity of thin layers of water electrolytes with surface of section of the phases gas–liquid at the water electrolysis (Ukraine)

 B13  12:20-12:40. Smirnova E.V., Koshel N.D. Research of process of ionization of hydrogen in system with the solid-polymer electrolyte MF-4SK-101 (Ukraine)

 B14  12:40-13:00. Mishchuk N.A. Electrokinetic phenomena of the second kind (Ukraine)

 D10  11:40-12:00. Shishkina L.N., Klimovich M.A., Paramonov D.V., Trofimov V.I. Influence of the forming conditions of liposomes on their physicochemical properties and lipid composition (Russia)

 D11  12:00-12:20. Carnie S.L., Clasohm L.C., Connor J.N., Chan D.Y.C., Horn R.G., Manica R.A. Dimples, wimples and rimples: perturbing a stable film mechanically and electrically (Australia)

 D12  12:20-12:40. Javadi A., Krägel J., Kovalchuk V.I., Miller R. Fast dynamics interfacial tension measurements by using the growing drop capillary pressure technique (Germany)

 D13  12:40-13:00. Kasaikina O.T., Kartasheva Z.S., Pisarenko L.M., Krugovov D.A., Trunova N.A., Mengele E.A., Kradenova O.V. Microreactors formed by surfactants for oxidative transformation of hydrocarbons and lipids (Russia)

 EL09  11:40-12:10. Antonov E.N., Bagratashvili V.N., Bochkova S.A., Bogorodski S.E., Borodina T.N., Markvicheva E.A., Popov V.K., Popova A.V., Rumsh L.D. New approaches to encapsulation of bioactive species into the polymer matrices (Russia)

 E10  12:10-12:30. Rieger J., Freichels H., Stoffelbach F., Imberty A., Lameignère E., Putaux J.L., Delair T., Jérôme R., Jérôme C., Auzély-Velty R. Mannosylated biodegradable aliphatic polyesters: synthesis, characterization and application to the production of colloidal drug delivery systems (France)

 E11  12:30-12:50. Zadymova N.M., Yampolskaya G.P., Elenskiy A.A., Kulichikhin V.G. Colloid structures for transdermal delivery of biology active species (Russia)

 E12  12:50-13:10. Pajić-Lijaković I., Bugarski D., Plavšić M., Bugarski B. Microenvironmental restrictive effects influencing the growth of hybridoma cells inside various types of microcarriers (Serbia)

 FL09  11:40-12:10. Shchipunov Y.A. Template synthesis of silica nanocomposites on biopolymers as an alternative of the sol-gel processes (Russia)

 F10  12:10-12:30. Michaux F., Zoumpanioti M., Stébé M.J., Xenakis A., Blin J.L. Mesostructured silica prepared from a nonionic fluorinated surfactant-based system. Matrix for the immobilization of lipase (France, Greece)

 F11  12:30-12:50. Berezovska I.S., Yanishpolskii V.V., Tertykh V.A. Mesoporous silicas: morphology control and template synthesis in silica gel pore volume (Ukraine)

 F12  12:50-13:10. Prostyakova A.I., Kapustin D.V., Yagudaeva E.Yu., Zubov V.P. Polymercontaining adsorbents for obtaining of high-purified nucleic acids samples (Russia)

 G12  11:40-12:00. Novakova A.A., Kiseleva T.Yu., Falkova A.N., Grigoryeva T.F., Barinova A.P., Lyakhov N.Z. About the Fe2O3 reduction mechanisms by aluminium and gallium during high energy mechanoactivation (Russia)

 G13  12:00-12:20. Vlasova G.V., Pivovarova N.A., Adaspaeva S.A. Intensification of process of processing of residual mineral oil joint influence of a magnetic field and ultrasound (Russia)

 G14  12:20-12:40. Massalimov I.A., Massalimov B.I., Shayhmetov A.U. The nanosize sulphur particles obtaining by using of mechanochemistry methods (Russia)

 G15  12:40-13:00. Avvakumov E.G., Karakchiev L.G. Features of the reactions of soft mechanochemical synthesis (Russia)

 HL05  11:40-12:10. Menshikova A.Yu., Evseeva T.G., Shevchenko N.N., Shabsels B.M., Ivanchev S.S. Surface structure and functionality of monodisperse polymeric particles (Russia)

 H06  12:10-12:30. Savitskaya T.A., Shibaila T.N., Grinshpan D.D. Colloid and chemical properties of interpolyelectrolytes complexes of chitosan and new water soluble cellulose derivatives (Belarus)

 H07  12:30-12:50. Tsvetkova E.A., Pinchuk L.S., Goldade V.A., Ivanov L.F. Regulation of drug adsorption by a porous polymer matrix (Belarus)

 H08  12:50-13:10. Pericet-Cámara R., Best A., Butt H.J., Bonaccurso E. Elastic deformation of a soft poly(dimethyl siloxane) (PDMS) surface by a sessile ionic liquid droplet studied by laser scanning confocal microscopy (Germany)

Lunch (13:30–15:00)
Thu, 26 June. Thematic sessions
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A5
Brodskaya E.N., Lomovskoy V.A
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B5
Mackay R., Smorodin V.Yu.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D5
Kruglyakov P.M., Exerowa D.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E4. Soft drug delivery systems
Klyachko N.L., Erçelen Ş.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F4. Composites with nanoparticles
Persson M., Spitsyn B.V.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G5
Shchukin E.D., Traskine V.Yu.
Section H. Polymers
Session H3
Ageev E.P., Tutorskiy I.A.

 A16  15:00-15:20. Kononova E.A., Mikhalenko I.I., Yagodovskii V.D. Change in the state of dispersed gold after cryotreatments (Russia)

 A17  15:20-15:40. Lomovskoy V.A., Abaturova N.A., Lomovskaya N.Yu., Galushko T.B. Local dissipative processes and quasi-elastic characteristics in physicochemical mechanics (Russia)

 A18  15:40-16:00. Tatyanenko D.V., Shchekin A.K. Size-dependent line tension and contact angle of a sessile droplet. Thermodynamics and interface displacement model (Russia)

 B15  15:00-15:20. Ermakov Yu.A. Polycations and multivalent cations at the surface of lipid membranes: the electrokinetic properties and the electric structure of membrane boundaries (Russia)

 B16  15:20-15:40. Albrecht V., Janke A., Reinsch E., Németh E., Schubert G., Husemann K., Simon F. Fundamentals of electrostatic charging of polymers (Germany)

 DL14  15:00-15:30. Kruglyakov P.M. Investigation of emulsion stabilisation by solid particles and phase inversion (Russia)

 DL15  15:30-16:00. Platikanov D. Wetting behaviour and thin wetting films from aqueous solutions of polymeric surfactants (Bulgaria)

 EL13  15:00-15:30. Guo Xin, Chen Haigang, Brazdova B., Franz A.H., Zhang Huizhen, Zhang Ningrong, Szoka F.C., Samoshin V.V. Design of biocompatible pH-sensitive liposomes for drug and gene delivery (Russia)

 E14  15:30-15:50. Klyachko N.L., Sukhanova T.V., Filatova L.Yu., Efremov E.S., Prudchenko I.A., Markvicheva E.A. Peptides bioencapsulated in colloid nanocontainers as promising drug delivery systems (Russia)

 E15  15:50-16:10. Erçelen Ş., Zhang Xin, Duportail G., Schaub E., Tikhonov V., Slita A., Zarubaev V., Mély Y., Babak V.G. Efficient and non-toxic gene delivery vectors: hydrophobically modified low molecular weight chitosans (Turkey)

 E16  16:10-16:30. Stébé M.J., Babak V.G. Molecular diffusion from cubic phases and highly concentrated emulsions (France)

 FL13  15:00-15:30. Persson M., Carlan J. Recent advances in silica nano-particle technology for papermaking (Sweden)

 F14  15:30-15:50. Flendrig L.M., De Groot P.W.N., Husken H., Melnikov S.M., Pelan E.G., Popp A.K., Seijen Ten Hoorn J.W.M., Stoyanov S.S., Velikov K.P. Applications of colloidal delivery systems for structural design of functional foods (Netherlands)

 F15  15:50-16:10. Spitsyn B.V., Abaturova N.A., Lomovskoy V.A., Galushko T.B., Lomovskaya N.Yu., Kiselev M.R., Makarov I.S. Study of chitosan modified by diamond particles (Russia)

 F16  16:10-16:30. Vorsina I.A., Grigoryeva T.F., Barinova A.P., Lyakhov N.Z. Colloid particles of metals (Zn, Fe) in polymer matrix (Russia)

 GL16  15:00-15:30. Traskine V.Yu. Percolation models of grain boundary wetting in polycrystals (Russia)

 G17  15:30-15:50. Skvortsova Z.N., Porodenko E.V., Muralev A.E., Gazizullin I.F., Traskine V.Yu. Effect of solution composition on pressure solution of sodium chloride and calcium carbonate (Russia)

 G18  15:50-16:10. Muralev A.E., Skvortsova Z.N., Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Traskine V.Yu. Effect of cyclic stress on the pressure solution rate of salts (Russia)

 H09  15:00-15:20. Bogdanova S.A., Ebel A.O., Slobozhaninova M.V., Sautina N.V., Barabanov W.P. The effect of nonionic surfactants on the surface properties of olygomers and polymer materials (Russia)

 H10  15:20-15:40. Tutorsky I.A., Simakova G.A., Potapov E.E. The obtaining of nanoparticles of protein in polymeric matrix (Russia)

 H11  15:40-16:00. Koshevar V.D., Shinkareva E.V., Fadeev N.M. Epoxy oligomer aqueous dispersions stabilization by latexes of different types (Belarus)

Coffee break
Poster session I: sections A, B, E, G, H, K (view program) (16:00–17:00)
Thu, 26 June. Thematic sessions (continued)
Section A. Theoretical problems
Session A6
Lomovskoy V.A, Filippov A.N.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B6
Sobolev V.D., Roques-Carmes T.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D6
Pertsov A.V., Kruglyakov P.M.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E5. Micro- and nanovectors from natural substances
Koroleva M.Yu., Onesippe C.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F5. Properties of nanocomposites
Straumal B.B., Shliakhtina A.V.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G6
Skvortsov I.J., Malkin A.I.
Section J. Rheology
Session J1
Kulichikhin V.G., Lesin V.I.

 A19  17:00-17:20. Filippov A.N. Modelling of transport properties asymmetry of bi-layer membranes (Russia)

 A20  17:20-17:40. Dyshlovenko P.E. Many-body interactions in charge-stabilized colloidal crystals (Russia)

 A21  17:40-18:00. Zamani Nasab H. Theory of MLF Brownian movement (Iran)

 BL17  17:00-17:30. Sergeeva I.P., Semenov D.A., Sobolev V.D., Kiseleva O.A., Churaev N.V. Surface structures formed by adsorption of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes and layer-layer adsorption (Russia)

 B18  17:30-17:50. Roques-Carmes Th., Gigante A., Corbel S. The effect of surfactants on electrowetting driven fluid motion (France)

 DL16  17:00-17:30. Germasheva I.I., Glukhareva N.A., Pertsov A.V., Sineva A.V. Parameters of the Krafft point of surfactants and their mixtures in solutions and concentrated systems (Russia)

 D17  17:30-17:50. Vilkova N.G., Kruglyakov P.M. Surfactant solution flow through the foam at the small Boussinesq numbers (Russia)

 D18  17:50-18:10. Narkiewicz-Michałek J., Szymula M. Activity of selected antioxidants in micellar systems (Poland)

 E17  17:00-17:20. Alexandrova V.A., Balabushevich N.G., Larionova N.I., Snigireva G.P. Development of the chitosan derivatives exhibiting antimutagenic activity and polyelectrolyte microparticles on their basis (Russia)

 E18  17:20-17:40. Onésippe C., Lagerge S. Investigation of the physical interactions in SDS-hydrophobically modified chitosan nanoparticles (France)

 E19  17:40-18:00. Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Nanoemulsion for substance encapsulation (Russia)

 E20  18:00-18:20. Vodovozova E.L., Kuznetsova N.R., Kandyba A.G., Moiseeva E.V., Gaenko G.P., Bovin N.V., Molotkovsky J.G. Effective antitumour liposomal formulations on the basis of lipid conjugates of anticancer drugs (Russia)

 F17  17:00-17:20. Shevchenko G.P., Potapenko L.T., Rakhmanov S.K., Khomchenko A.V., Glushonok G.K. Thermostimulated processes in nanocomposite system SiO2–GeO2–Au (Belarus)

 F18  17:20-17:40. Straumal B.B., Schütz G., Goering E., Baretzky B., Mazilkin A.A., Protasova S.G., Myatiev A.A., Straumal P.B. Grain-boundary induced ferromagnetism in doped and undoped nanocrystalline zinc oxide (Russia)

 F19  17:40-18:00. Popov V.V., Petrunin V.F., Korovin S.A. Formation regularities and phase transformations in the titanium subgroup nanocrystalline dioxides (Russia)

 F20  18:00-18:20. Shlyakhtina A.V., Oh Young Jei. Ternary azeotropes for silica aerogels preparation (Russia)

 GL19  17:00-17:30. Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Petrova I.V., Popov D.A. Activation and control of reactivity of aluminium (Rehbinder's effect in heterophase oxidation) (Russia)

 G20  17:30-17:50. Popov D.A., Malkin A.I. Nonlocal interactions in kinetics of liquid environment-induced fracture (Russia)

 J01  17:00-17:20. Tutorsky I.A., Pokidko B.V., Beyder E.Y., Volkova T.S. Adsorption layers structure and rheological properties of bentonites from different deposits modified by ABDMAC (Russia)

 J02  17:20-17:40. Lesin V.I. Crude oil non Newtonian viscosity oscillations in the course of relaxation to stationary value after treatment by velocity gradients and magnetic fields (Russia)

 J03  17:40-18:00. Uriev B.N. Rheometry of non-transparent flows of structured dispersions with ultrasonic Doppler method (Russia)

 J04  18:00-18:20. Charlot A., Kadi S., Auzély-Velty R. Novel physical hydrogels based on hyaluronic acid: synthesis and rheological properties (France)

 J05  18:20-18:40. Samavati V., Razavi S.H. Rheological and physical studies of Arabic gum in dilute solutions: Effect of sweeteners (Iran)

Fri, 27 June. Thematic sessions
Section C. Surface phenomena
Session C1
Shchekin A.K., Noskov B.A.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B7
Starov V.M., Smorodin V.Yu.
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D7
Exerowa D., Shtykov S.N.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E6. Monolayers and 2-D networks
Rudoy V.M., Baros F.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F6
Shabanova N.A., Gurin V.S.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G7
Straumal B.B., Protsenko P.V.
Section J. Rheology
Session J2
Malkin A.Ya., Trofimova L.E.

 CL01  09:30-10:00. Noskov B.A., Lin Shi-Yow, Loglio G., Miller R. Dilational surface rheology of complex fluids (Russia)

 C02  10:00-10:20. Babak V.G. Dilational interfacial rheology of adsorption layers of polyelectrolytes (Russia)

 C03  10:20-10:40. Nikolskaya A.B., Lagutova M.S., Shoniya N.K., Roshchina T.M., Fadeev A.Yu. Evaluation of lyophobicity of polyfluoroalkyl-silica surfaces (Russia)

 C04  10:40-11:00. Soboleva O.A., Badun G.A., Chernysheva M.G. Study of surfactant adsorption at various interfaces using tritium labelled compounds (Russia)

 BL19  09:30-10:00. Smorodin V.Y. Interfacial phenomena in heterophilic disperse systems (Russia)

 B20  10:00-10:20. Starov V.M., Korzhov E.N., Chopchiyan A.S. Mathematical modeling of electrodiffusion: spage charge formation (Russia)

 B21  10:20-10:40. Vojtylov V.V., Voitylov A.V., Spartakov A.A., Trusov A.A. Electrophoretical and electrooptical researches of colloidal particle double electric layer (Russia)

 B22  10:40-11:00. Lin Bo-Jiun, Chen Li-Jen. Temperature effect and charge effect on phase behaviour of two-dimensional colloidal particles at oil/water interfaces (Taiwan)

 D19  09:30-09:50. Shtykov S.N. Organized micellar nanosystems in chemical analysis: main results (Russia)

 D20  09:50-10:10. Kartsev V.N., Shtykov S.N., Bogomolova I.V. Thermodynamic stability of microemulsions water/n-octane/sodium dodecylsulfate/n-pentanol (Russia)

 D21  10:10-10:30. Makarevich N.A. Thermodynamic associative-dissociative multiplier in classical equations for real systems (Russia)

 D22  10:30-10:50. Germashev V.G., Pravdin W.G., Germasheva I.I., Khmyrov A.V. Colloid-chemical properties of surfactant derivatives—soil humates (Russia)

 EL21  09:30-10:00. Rudoy V.M., Dementieva O.V., Vereshchagina O.F., Bolshakova A.V., Roumyantseva T.B. Colloidal chemical methods of construction of metal nanoparticle’s 2D-ensembles on solid substrates as the basis of optical media for nanoplasmonics (Russia)

 EL22  10:00-10:30. Baros F., Boulanouar O., Gaboriaud F., Izmailov B.A., Vasnev V.A., Babak V.G. Towards the elaboration of nanometre thickness functionalized cross-linked siloxane networks by Langmuir–Blodgett technique: application to artificial muscles based on photomechanical effect (France)

 E23  10:30-10:50. Marchyk N.A., Zhavnerko G.K., Agabekov V.E. Formation and properties of monomolecular films of amphiphilic polymers (Belarus)

 E24  10:50-11:10. Boulanouar O., Herlem G., Palmino F., Babak V.G., Sanche L., Fromm M. Impact of physico-chemical parameters on the formation, structure and stability of DNA plasmides monolayers on molecularly smooth solid substrates (France)

 FL21  09:30-10:00. Izaak T.I., Leonova E.V., Svetlichnyi V.A. Formation and stabilization of silver nanoparticles in the macropores of silica aerogel monoliths (Russia)

 FL22  10:00-10:30. Golub A.S., Lenenko N.D., Klimenko I.V., Krinichnaya E.P., Zhuravleva T.S., Novikov Yu.N. From single-layer dispersions to nanocrystalline films of molybdenum disulfide (Russia)

 F23  10:30-10:50. Gurin V.S., Alexeenko A.A. Fabrication of functional sol-gel materials with metal and semiconductor nanoparticles (Belarus)

 F24  10:50-11:10. Shabanova N.A., Tsarkov A.Y., Sergeeva M.N. Reactability and evolution of nanodispersed silica properties (Russia)

 G21  09:30-09:50. Sydorenko T.V., Naidich Yu.V. The wettability of barium titanate ceramics and some other perovskite materials by metal melts at high temperatures (Ukraine)

 G22  09:50-10:10. Zhuravlev V.S., Naidich Yu.V., Koval A.Yu., Karpets M.V. Capillary and contact processes at interaction Nb–Ni melts with solid oxide materials systems Al2O3–SiO2 (Ukraine)

 G23  10:10-10:30. Vitjunin M.A., Chikova O.A., Chentsov V.P., Pastukhov E.A. The aluminium based melts spreading kinetics upon St3 steel surface (Russia)

 G24  10:30-10:50. Murashov V.A., Straumal B.B., Protsenko P.V. Grain boundary wetting in Zn–Sn system (Russia)

 G25  10:50-11:10. Protsenko P.V., Murashov V.A., Eustathopoulos N. Features of spreading coupled with substrate dissolution (Russia)

 J06  09:30-09:50. Trofimova L.E. Topological modelling of disperse systems properties (Ukraine)

 J07  09:50-10:10. Damdinov B.B., Dembelov T.S. The study of shear properties of colloid silica dioxide nanoparticles suspensions (Russia)

 J08  10:10-10:30. Kirsanov E.A. Generalized Casson equation (Russia)

 J09  10:30-10:50. Uriev N.B., Svistunov Yu.S., Potapov A.N., Starikov V.A. Flow curve anomaly for structured nanodisperse systems at extremely low shear rates (Russia)

 J10  10:50-11:10. Ourieva G.N. Dynamics of sterically stabilized flocculated suspensions under shear flow (Russia)

Coffee break
Poster session II: sections C, D, F, J (view program) (11:00–12:00)
Fri, 27 June. Thematic sessions (continued)
Section C. Surface phenomena
Session C2
Yemelyanov D.N., Maršálek R.
Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena
Session B8
Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions
Session D8
Kruglyakov P.M., Miller R.
Section E. Nanobiotechnology
Session E7
Ulberg Z.R., Frochot C.
Section F. Nanomaterials
Session F7
Shabanova N.A., Gurin V.S.
Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry
Session G8
Pertsov A.V., Skvortsova Z.N.
Section J. Rheology
Session J3
Tutorskiy I.A., Kuchin I.V.

 C05  12:00-12:20. Maršálek R., Taraba B. Adsorption of sodium dodecyl sulphate on coal (Czechia)

 C06  12:20-12:40. Molodova A.A., Volkova N.V., Yemelyanov D.N. Capillary sorption of solutions and extraction of polymers from porous fabric (Russia)

 C07  12:40-13:00. Zaitsev A.L., Pleskachevsky Yu.M., Chizhik S.A. Hydrogen adsorption on the surface of aluminum nanoslab terminated by low index atomic plains (Belarus)

 DL23  12:00-12:30. Miller R., Alahverdjieva V.S., Kotsmar Cs., Fainerman V.B., Liggieri L., Loglio G., Noskov B.A., Rubio R.G., Leser M.E. Mixed adsorption layers at liquid interfaces (Germany)

 D24  12:20-13:10. Gorin D.A., Portnov S.A., Inozemtseva O.A., Karagaichev A.L., Neveshkin A.A., Khlebtsov B.N., Shtykov S.N. Microcapsules containing poly(allylamine hydrochloride) and sulfated β-cyclodextrin in the structure of nanosized shell (Russia)

 D25  12:30-12:50. Zakharova L.Ya., Valeeva F.G., Ibragimova A.R., Kudryavtseva L.A., Konovalov A.I. Supramolecular catalytic systems based on hydrophilic polymers and amphiphiles (Russia)

 E25  12:00-12:20. Ulberg Z.R. Colloidal-chemical properties of biological nanosystem. Biomembranes (Ukraine)

 E26  12:20-12:40. Faure A.C., Dufort S., Josserand V., Perriat P., Coll J.L., Billotey C., Janier M., Roux S., Tillement O. Control of the biodistribution of nanoparticles combining imaging and therapy (France)

 E27  12:40-13:00. Raychenko O.I., Kushchevska N.F., Derevyanko O.V., Ogorodnikov V.V. Theoretical and experimental research of attack of magnetic nanocolloids on tumour cells (Ukraine)

 E28  13:00-13:20. Postnikov V.A., Kraiskii A.V., Tikhonov V.E., Deniskin V.V., Sultanov T.T., Khamidulin A.V. Hydrogel holographic sensors for detection of components in biological fluids (Russia)

 F25  12:00-12:20. Suvorova E.I., Klechkovskaya V.V., Buffat P.A. Electron microscopy methods for structure investigation of particles formed during Se redox process in aqueous polymer solutions (Russia)

 F26  12:20-12:40. Shchukina Ye.L., Volkov V.A., Pervushina T.V. Interaction between the nanoparticles of magnetic liquids and fibres of cotton fabric (Russia)

 F27  12:40-13:00. Zaitsev S.Yu., Gromov S.P. Ultrathin membrane nanostructures based on new types of amphiphilic photochromic compounds (Russia)

 F28  13:00-13:20. Burmistrova A., Karg M., Hellweg T., von Klitzing R. Influence of temperature and pH on thermoresponsive PNIPAM films (Germany)

 G26  12:00-12:20. Timoshenko V.A., Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Murashov V.A., Bogdanov A.V., Protsenko P.V. Influence of water-abrasive flux velocity on the erosion rate of ceramic materials (Russia)

 G27  12:20-12:40. Kostova N.Z., Panfilov F.V. Investigation of different factors of increase of wearproofness of road marking materials (Russia)

 JL11  12:00-12:30. Kuchin I.V., Uriev N.B. Modelling of dynamic state of disperse systems (Russia)

 J12  12:30-12:50. Samuskevich V.V., Belous N.Kh., Koshevar V.D., Kuznetsova O.A., Rodzevich S.P. The rheological behaviour of superplasticized cement dispersion (Belarus)

 J13  12:50-13:10. Krupnova T.G. Rheological properties of gels of iron (III) and yttrium (III) oxyhydrate (Russia)

 J14  13:10-13:30. Makarov A.S., Savitsky D.P., Yehurnov O.I. Regulate of rheological and structure-mechanical properties of high concentrated coal-water suspensions with presence of diluting and stabilization additions (Ukraine)

Lunch (13:30–15:00)
Fri, 27 June. Plenary session II

 P05  15:30-16:00. Shchukin E.D. The surface-active media influence on the mechanical stability of solid surfaces (Russia)

 P06  16:00-16:30. Kulichikhin V.G. Structure of colloid systems based on polymer matrices at flow (Russia)

Coffee break

 P07  17:00-17:30. Babak V.G. Critical (threshold) properties of highly-concentrated emulsions. Limits of applicability of the DLVO theory (Russia)

 P08  17:30-18:00. Rusanov A.I. Classical nanoscience as an indefeasible part of colloid science (Russia)

18:00-18:30. Closure