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Poster session I
Mounting: morning 26.06; Dismantling: evening 26.06
Section A. Theoretical problems

 AP01  Brodskaya E.N., Sizov V.V. Molecular modelling of hydrate nanoclusters surrounded by water (Russia)

 AP02  Brovka G.P. Transformation of natural dispersed systems structure in heterogeneous temperature and moisture fields (Belarus)

 AP03  Evdokimov Yu.M. Peculiarities of dry adhesion (Russia)

 AP04  Golikova E.V., Grigoriev V.S., Us'yarov O.G. Role of surface forces in formation of microhomogeneous two-component ceramic composite materials (Russia)

 AP05  Kekalo K.A., Trifonov S.A., Shutava T.G., Solomyansky A.E., Malygin A.A., Agabekov V.E. Formation of magnetic multilayer structures on porous matrixes (Belarus)

 AP06  Khamova T.V., Shilova O.A., Movchan T.G., Plachev Yu.A., Sokolova N.P., Gorbunov A.M., Sazhnikov V.A. Sol-gel synthesis of fluorescent nanocomposites by encapsulation of nile red in epoxysilicate matrixes (Russia)

 AP07  Kharechkin S.S., Samsonov V.M. Molecular-dynamic investigation of melting and crystallization processes for nanoparticles (Russia)

 AP08  Khashin V.A., Dronnikov V.V., Zubkov V.V. Investigation of structural and thermodynamic characteristics of small droplets on the basis of statistical methods and molecular-dynamics simulation (Russia)

 AP09  Kovalchuk N.M., Starov V.M., Hilal N., Langston P. Brownian dynamic simulation of colloidal suspensions (UK)

 AP10  Lapina G.P., Likhusha P.S., Talanceva Yu.N. Enzyme parameters o-difenol oxidase of flax (Russia)

 AP11  Lopatina L.I., Sergeev B.M., Sergeyev V.G. Formation and stabilization of silver clusters in aqueous solution of sodium polyactrylate (Russia)

 AP12  Malysheva M.L., Guzenko N.V., Voronin E.F. Effect of gelatine on the viscosity of nanosilica aqueous suspensions (Ukraine)

 AP13  Matulis V.E., Palagin D.M., Mazheika A.S., Ivashkevich O.A. DFT study of anionic copper clusters: comparison with silver and sodium ones (Belarus)

 AP14  Ryazanov V.V., Smorodin V.Y. Non-equilibrium aerosol charge distribution in the bipolar ion atmosphere (Ukraine)

 AP15  Sdobnyakov N.Yu., Bazulev A.N., Kulpin D.A., Zykov T.Yu. The evaluation of the minimal size of nanoparticles in coalescence process (Russia)

 AP16  Sdobnyakov N.Yu., Samsonov V.M., Kulpin D.A., Bazulev A.N. The applicability of thermodynamic perturbation (TPT) to the evaluation of excess free energy of liquid film on the surface of the spherical particle (Russia)

 AP17  Starokadomsky D.L. About influence of nanosilicas on swelling of epoxy-polymers (Ukraine)

 AP18  Vanyusheva N.A., Samsonov V.M. Molecular dynamics simulation of instability and self-organization processes at the three phase contact line (Russia)

 AP19  Zubkov V.V., Samsonov V.M. A research of the density distribution for hydrogen in a slot-like graphite pore on the basis of the density functional theory (Russia)

Section B. Elecrokinetic phenomena

 BP01  Barbin N.M. Electrochemical phenomena at platinum electrode in alkali and carbonate melts (Russia)

 BP02  Bogdanova N.F., Ermakova L.E., Sidorova M.P. Oxide nanolayers onto oxide substrata: synthesis and electrokinetic characteristics (Russia)

 BP03  Ermakova L.E., Petrov Yu.Yu., Sidorova M.P., Merkushev O.M., Avvakumova S.Yu. Electrosurface characteristics and stability of WO3 (VI) dispersions in electrolyte solutions (Russia)

 BP04  Volkova A.V., Ermakova L.E., Sidorova M.P., Antropova T.V. Electrokinetic characteristics of nanoporous glass membranes in 1 : 1 electrolyte solutions (Russia)

 BP05  Estrela-Llopis V.R., Ulberg Z.R., Kosenko O.A. On the possible reasons of the selective heterocoagulation of human being mesenchimal cells on the acrylic hydrogel surface (Ukraine)

 BP06  Finogenova O.A., Timofeeva L.M., Ermakov Yu.A. Electrostatic effects accompanied the adsorption and desorption of polycations at the surface of lipid membranes of different composition (Russia)

 BP07  Kuchek A.E., Gribanova E.V. Investigation of surface charge formation process by wetting and potentiometry (Russia)

 BP08  Lopanov A.N., Fanina E.A., Semeykin A.J. Elektrosurface characteristics of carbon dispersion in electrolyte solutions (Russia)

 BP09  Mosur P.M., Lorentsson A.V., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M. Electrosurface properties and stability of microcristalline cellulose dispersions in water solutions of AlCl3, Al(NO3)3 and Al2(SO4)3 (Russia)

 BP10  Oomen J.J.C. Colloidal and electrochemical aspects of the generation of soot and coke (Netherlands)

 BP11  Ruban I.N., Shadmanov R.K., Voropaeva N.L., Sharipov M.D. The role of cytoplasm as colloidal system in process of the cells’ fission in the alive organism. The Hypothesis (Uzbekistan)

 BP12  Semashko O.V., Brodskaya E.N. The influence of the dielectric permittivity of solvent on the structure of the double electric layer of spherical macroion (Russia)

 BP13  Smorodin V.Y. Percolation concept of zeta potential and peculiarities of electroosmosis in porous heterophilic media (Russia)

 BP14  Solovieva T.G., Nikiforova T.G., Malev V.V. Double layer structural effects in the copper electrodeposition kinetics studied by Faradaic impedance and quartz microbalance methods (Russia)

 BP15  Sybachin A.V., Efimova A.A., Litmanovich E.A., Yaroslavov A.A. The difference in structure and behaviour in complexes of negatively charged liposomes with polycations poly-L-lysyne and poly-N-ethyl-4-vynilpiridinium bromide (Russia)

 BP16  Tikhomolov D.V., Bogachov D.A., Luchkan V.A. Research of influence of the electrolyte nature on dependence of thickness of thin water layers in a capillary, upon an electric field structure and magnitude (Russia)

 BP17  Zabenkina E.O., Gorichev I.G. Calculation of the acid-base equilibrium constants at the magnetite–electrolyte boundary using pH dependency of electrokinetic potential (Russia)

Section E. Nanobiotechnology

 EP01  Couleaud P., Frochot C., Vanderesse R., Faure A.C., Bechet D., Roux S., Tillement O., Thomas N., Viriot M., Barberi-Heyob M. New multifunctional platform for diagnosis and photodynamic therapy applications (France)

 EP02  Generalova A.N., Sizova S.V., Klinov D.V., Mochalov K.E., Zdobnova T.A., Deev S.M., Zubov V.P., Oleinikov V.A. Submicron copolymer particles with encapsulated fluorescent semiconductor CdSe (ZnS) nanocrystals for bioanalysis (Russia)

 EP03  Gonçalves P.J., De Boni L., Corrêa D.S., Aggarwal L.P.F., Misoguti L., Mendonça C.R., Zilio S.C., Borissevitch I.E. The effect of interaction with ionic micelles on porphyrin excited state characteristics (Brazil)

 EP04  Khaneft M.S., Mochalov K.E., Oleinikov V.A., Sotnikov P.S. Solubilization of semiconductor CdSe/ZnS nanocrystals by molecular encapsulation method (Russia)

 EP05  Dementiev A.A., Kraevsky S.V., Kuvykin I.V., Mamedov M.D., Ptushenko V.V., Semenov Yu.A., Tikhonov A.N., Khomutov G.B. Thin-film polymeric material with encapsulated functional biological components: viable photosynthetic organelles in layer-by-layer assembled polyelectrolyte multilayers (Russia)

 EP06  Hilevskaya K.S., Masalova O.A., Shutava T.G., Agabekov V.E. Polysaccharide multilayers as encapsulating coatings (Belarus)

 EP07  Parakhonsky G.V., Bukreeva T.V., Parakhonsky B.V., Petrov N.Kh. The investigation of carbocyanine dyes inside polyelectrolyte microcapsules (Russia)

 EP08  Shevchenko G.P., Loginova N.V., Potapenko L.T., Fedutik Yu.A., Chernyavskaya A.A. Colloid silver in micro- and nanocapsulation (Belarus)

 EP09  Skorb E.V., Shchukin D.G., Sviridov D.V. Photocontrollable nano- and microcontainers based on nanostructured titanium dioxide (Belarus)

 EP10  Barabanova A.I., Babak V.G., Velezheva V.S., Philippova O.E., Khokhlov A.R. Development of nanoencapsulated form of anti-tuberculosis therapeutic (Russia)

 EP11  Kildeeva N.R., Babak V.G., Mironov A.V., Chernisheva Yu.V., Tikhonov V.E. Prevention of denaturation of enzymes in contact with organic phase in microencapsulation by emulsification-solvent evaporation method (Russia)

 EP12  Maincent P., Sheikh Hasan A., Sapin A. Decrease of burst release of drugs: encapsulation of nanoparticles in microparticles (France)

 EP13  Maksimenko O.O., Vanchugova L.V., Shipulo E.V., Generalova A.N., Hekmatara T., Kreuter J., Gelperina S.E. Nanoparticle-based formulation approach for the poorly soluble drug substances (Russia)

 EP14  Samchenko Yu.M., Sukhodub L.B., Sukhodub L.F., Danilchenko S.N., Kovzun I.G., Ulberg Z.R. Hydrogel matrixes with immobilized nanoparticles of biomaterials (Ukraine)

 EP15  Elenskiy A.A. Microemulsions as drug carriers (Russia)

 EP16  Filatova L.Yu., Oksenoit E.S., Yakovleva K., Klyachko N.L. Papain in microemulsions: catalytic activity and stability (Russia)

 EP17  Guo Xin, Brazdova B., Zhang Ningrong, Samoshin V.V. trans-2-Aminocyclohexanol as a pH-sensitive conformational switch in lipid amphiphiles (Russia)

 EP18  Guo Xin, Chen Haigang, Franz A.H., Zhang Huizhen, Szoka F.C., Samoshin V.V. pH-Sensitive, ortho ester-based cationic lipoplexes for gene delivery (Russia)

 EP19  Borodina T.N., Rumsh L.D., Kunizhev S.M., Sukhorukov G.B., Markvicheva E.A. Polyelectrolyte biodegradable herbal extract-loaded microcapsules based on colloid calcium carbonate microparticles (Russia)

 EP20  Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M., Savin A.V., Korotkova E.M. Encapsulation of lipophilic vitamins in alginate polysaccharide matrixes (Russia)

 EP21  Selina O.E., Chinarev A.A., Bartkowiak A., Bovin N.V., Markvicheva E.A. Bioencapsulation of antigens in biocompatible microspheres based on alginate and chitosan (Russia)

 EP22  Vaquette C., Babak V.G., Baros F., Boulanouar O., Dumas D., Fievet P., Maincent P., Wang Xiong. Electrospun nano- and microfibers from biopolymers and their possible utilisation in tissues engineering (Russia)

 EP23  Alekseeva O.M., Fatkullina L.D., Burlakova E.B., Goloshchapov A.N., Kim Yu.A. The model “From micelles to supramolecular structure” for hybrid antioxidants actions on the membranes (Russia)

 EP24  Belousov S.I. Self-organized nanolayers of films from mixed polysiloxanes (Russia)

 EP25  Bondarenko V.V., Zaitsev S.Yu., Tsarkova M.S., Varlamova E.A., Staroverova I.N., Vedernikov A.I., Sazonov S.K., Gromov S.P. Chemosensor materials for detection of alkyldiamines by optical methods (Russia)

 EP26  Chernichko D.I., Khomutov G.B. Interfacially-formed nanostructured monolayer DNA complexes with amphiphilic compounds and iron oxide nanoparticles (Russia)

 EP27  Korshicova A.V., Tsarkova M.S., Zaitsev S.Yu., Staroverova I.N., Gromov S.P. Monomolecular layers based on the derivatives of dithia-crowncontaining dyes (Russia)

 EP28  Samarik V.Ya., Tarnavchik I.T., Nosova N.G., Varvarenko S.N., Kogut A.M., Voronov S.A., Voronov A.S. Hydrogels, inoculated to peroxidized polymer surface (Ukraine)

 EP29  Varlamova E.A., Zaitsev S.Yu., Tsarkova M.S., Bondarenko V.V., Gromov S.P. Optical chemosensors for detection of strontium cations on the bases of crown-ethers, immobilized in polymeric films (Russia)

 EP30  Belov S.Y., Selina O.E., Baluisheva V.I., Vlasova N.N., Markvicheva E.A. Using microencapsulation to prolong the immune response at DNA vaccination (Russia)

 EP31  Fatkullina L.D., Krivandin A.V., Burlakova E.B. Changes in structural parameters of erythrocytes' membranes caused by superfine zinc powder in vitro experiments (Russia)

 EP32  Gelperina S.E., Budko A.P., Maksimenko O.O., Vanchugova L.V., Shipulo E.V., Kreuter J. Biodistribution study of nanoparticle-bound rifabutin (Russia)

 EP33  Grandfils Ch., Blanquet O., Kottgen C. Immobilization of peptides/proteins: from macromolecular engineering to nanodrug delivery systems (France)

 EP34  Kaputskii F.N., Gert E.V., Torgashov V.I., Zubets O.V., Curling S.F., Hill C.A.S. Oxidative/hydrolytic modification of cellulose as a method for obtaining hydrogels for medical purpose (Belarus)

 EP35  Klyachko N.L., Uglanova S.V., Golovin Yu.I., Korenkov V., Abrikosova Yu.E., Lyakina A.Yu., Ivanov R.A. Docetaxel containing lyophilized emulsion retains its properties (Russia)

 EP36  Shadmanov R.K., Ruban I.N., Voropaeva N.L., Sharipov M.D. To mechanism of the redistribution the information in the cells reproduction (Uzbekistan)

 EP37  Tulskaya E.V., Zaitsev S.Yu. Studying of lipase activity in presence of synthetic and natural polyelectrolytes (Russia)

 EP38  Zaytseva-Zotova D.S., Akopova T.A., Vodovozova E.L., Markvicheva E.A. Bioencapsulated multicellular tumour spheroids can mimic small size solid tumours (Russia)

Section G. Physicochemical mechanics, mechanochemistry

 GP01  Aleksandrov A.I., Alexandrov I.A., Karmilov A.Yu., Shevchenko V.G. Mechanochemical synthesis of polymer semiconductor composite, containing ferromagnetic nanoparticles (Russia)

 GP02  Azizbekian S.G. Improvement of the halurgy potassium chloride quality using the method of multimeter mechanochemical processing (Belarus)

 GP03  Borunova A.B., Grigoriev Yu.V., Streletskii A.N. Structure of mechanically activated graphite (Russia)

 GP04  Efimov A.V., Bakeev N.F. Structural rearrangements during crazing of crystalline polymers extruded films in the presence of active liquid environments (Russia)

 GP05  Esipova N.E. Mechanochemical effects in the process kinetics of dissolution the solid substances (Russia)

 GP06  Gornakova A.S., Straumal B.B., Baretzky B., Kogtenkova O.A., Protasova S.G., Sursaeva V.G. Continuous and discontinuous grain boundary wetting in the zinc–aluminum system (Russia)

 GP07  Petelin A.L., Straumal B.B., Bokstein B.S., Baretzky B., Straumal A.B., Rodin A.O. Grain boundary and triple junction wetting transition in the copper–silver system (Russia)

 GP08  Kashinskaya T. Mechanical-chemical peat transformation (Belarus)

 GP09  Khalameida S.V., Sydorchuk V.V., Zazhigalov V.A. Comparative investigation of mechanochemical modification of coarsely dispersed nonporous V-Mo-oxides in various media (Ukraine)

 GP10  Sydorchuk V.V., Khalameida S.V., Zazhigalov V.A. Mechanochemical modification of porous and nonporous silicas in various media (Ukraine)

 GP11  Khusnutdinov V.R., Isupov V.P. Mechanochemical synthesis of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides in carbonate form (Russia)

 GP12  Kolbanev I.V., Mamsurova L.G., Pigalskiy K.S. Mechanochemical synthesis of compounds on the basis of Ln2O3–BaF2 (Ln = Sm, Yb) (Russia)

 GP13  Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Kucherinenko Ya.V., Traskine V.Yu. Percolation modelling of fracture in granular solids (Russia)

 GP14  Kulikov-Kostyushko F.A., Pertsov A.V., Mirkin L.I. Fracture of solids in controlled internal stress state (Russia)

 GP15  Lasareva E.V., Parfenova A.M., Avramenko N.V., Muralev A.E., Zoubov D.N., Skvortsova Z.N., Traskine V.Yu. Deformation of calcite and aragonite by dissolution-precipitation creep (Russia)

 GP16  Leonov A.V., Streletskii A.N., Kolbanev I.V., Mudretsova S.N. Defect structure of mechanically activated mg and its reactivity (Russia)

 GP17  Lortkipanidze M., Kilasonia J. Inverse creep of constructional materials in surface-active medium (Georgia)

 GP18  Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Polukarova Z.M., Bessonov A.I., Shchukin E.D. On the Rehbinder effect in the systems “copper—lead–bismuth melt” under conditions of the high-speed deformation (Russia)

 GP19  Malkin A.I., Zanozin V.M., Polukarova Z.M., Shchukin E.D. On redistribution of elements in chromium-nickel steels and alloys under deformation and cracking in the presence of cadmium oxide (Russia)

 GP20  Morozova O.S., Khomenko T.I., Borchers C., Leonov A.V., Kurmaev E.Z. Effect of graphite and boron additives on thermal stability of TiH2 prepared under the milling conditions in H2 flow (Russia)

 GP21  Nikolskii V.G., Krasotkina I.A., Dudareva T.V. Shear-based techniques of grinding of high-molecular materials in the present state-of-art (Russia)

 GP22  Padokhin V.A., Kochkina N.E. The investigation of structure of starch ethers solutions treated in rotor-pulse mashine (Russia)

 GP23  Parmuzina A.V., Kravchenko O.V. Mechanochemical activation of aluminium metal (Russia)

 GP24  Plotnikova E.V., Khamova T.V., Movchan T.G., Shilova O.A., Lupicov D.I. Gelation kinetics of the tetraethoxysilane-derived sol-gel systems in the presence of poliols (Russia)

 GP25  Portnoy V.K., Leonov A.V., Fedotov S.A. Phase formation during mechanosynthesis of alloys of a double Ni–Ga and triple Ni–Ga–C systems (Russia)

 GP26  Prut E.V., Rogovina S.Z., Aleksanyan K.V. The production of biodegradable blends of polyethylene and nature polysaccharides under action of shear deformation and the investigation of their properties (Russia)

 GP27  Prut E.V., Vasilenko A.Yu., Novikov D.D. Influence of method of high-temperature shear deformation on the structure and properties of polymer blends based on polyethylene of low density and polystyrene (Russia)

 GP28  Stolyarov Y.Y., Allakhverdov G.R. Classification of dispersions using structural-mechanical parameters (Russia)

 GP29  Tolochko B.P., Chernyshev A.P., Ten K.A., Zubkov P.I., Lyakhov N.Z. Features of detonation synthesis of alloy nanoparticles from metal carboxylates (Russia)

 GP30  Yakovlev V.M., Lamazhapov H.D. Interpretation of work function of ions depending on an electron density and elementary properties of metals (Russia)

Section H. Polymers

 HP01  Baros F., Cagna A., Babak V.G. Frequency dependence of dilational complex elasticity modulus of adsorption layers of polymers in the range 0.001–0.2 Hz (Russia)

 HP02  Esimova O.A., Mussabekov K.B. Interaction between fitopreparation VK and surface active substances (Kazakhstan)

 HP03  Kerimkulova M.J., Tusupbaev N.K., Mussabekov K.B., Tazhibaeva S.M., Kalieva P.C. Influence of nonionic surfactants on dispersity of coal and stabilization of concentrating coal suspensions (Kazakhstan)

 HP04  Kluev V.A., Loznetsova N.N., Malkin A.I., Toporov Yu.P. Measurenment of the interfacial interaction energy by thermostimulated depolarisation technique (Russia)

 HP05  Korchagina E.V., Philippova O.E. Nanogels in dilute aqueous solutions of chitosan (Russia)

 HP06  Kulagina G.S., Chalykh A.E., Gerasimov V.K. Kinetics of structure organization during synthesis of organo-inorganic systems based on hydrophilic polymers and tetramethoxysilane (Russia)

 HP07  Kumargalieva S.Sh., Aidarova S.B., Mussabekov K.B. Formation of monomolecular layers of fat acids on water solutions of polyethyleneimine at various temperatures (Kazakhstan)

 HP08  Kurbanbaeva A.E., Khamraev S.S. Hydrodynamic properties of polymer surfactants on the basis of acrylic acid (Uzbekistan)

 HP09  Lee Su Kyoung, Kim Byung Kyu. UV curable waterborne polyurethane nanocomposite with modified silica particles (South Korea)

 HP10  Matrunchyk J.V., Vorobiova E.V., Basalyha I.I. pH influence on water absorption of hydroheat-sink polymeric complexes on the basis of polyacrylic acids (Belarus)

 HP11  Melnikov A.B., Antonov E.A., Lutikov M.V., Lebedev V.T. Hydrodynamic properties of the low molar mass ionomers in organic solvents (Russia)

 HP12  Mussabekov K.B., Batyrbekov E., Mussabekov N.K., Alimbekova G. Microcapsulating of drug medication by water soluble polymers (Kazakhstan)

 HP13  Nowicka G., Nowicki W. Modelling of solvent effect on the conformation of a chain grafted to the planar surface (Poland)

 HP14  Nowicki W., Nowicka G. Conformation of isolated end-tethered polymer chains represented by modified self-avoiding walk models (Poland)

 HP15  Orozco-Alcaraz R., Kuhl T. Intersurface measurements of liquid phase supported membranes coated with PEG2000 (USA)

 HP16  Perov N.S., Ozerin A.N., Akopova T.A., Zelenetskii A.N. Molecular mobility and structure of nanocomposites based on titanium oxide and copolymers of chitosan (Russia)

 HP17  Pojarkova T.N., Nikulin S.S., Misin V.M., Molodkin S.V. Investigation of influence of various factors on coagulation ability of copolymer dimethyldiallylammonium chloride–acryl amide during precipitation of synthetic rubber (Russia)

 HP18  Postnova I.V., Ivanova N.A., Shchipunov Y.A. Hydrogels formed by polyelectrolyte complexes of polysaccharides (Russia)

 HP19  Reis B.M., Biggs S. Novel stimulus responsive coating for polystyrene particles (Brazil)

 HP20  Sargosh L.V., Gaynutdinov R.V., Streltsov A.V. AFM investigations of polyaniline (Russia)

 HP21  Shestak I.V., Varabyou P.D., Strnadova N. Deposits inhibition and dispersing properties of polyelectrolytes concerning scale formation processes (Belarus)

 HP22  Shevchenko N.N., Menshikova A.Yu., Bagenova A.G., Selkin A.V., Yakimansky A.V. Self-assembling of monodisperse polymeric particles into periodic colloidal structures (Russia)

 HP23  Shironina A.Yu., Derkach S.R., Novikov V.Yu. Application of electrophoresis for study of zymogenic hydrolysis of hydrobiont proteins (Russia)

 HP24  Shulevich Yu.V., Zakharova Ju.A., Kovaleva O.Yu., Skrebneva V.G., Navrotskii A.V., Novakov I.A. Template polymerization of cationic monomer in micellar solution of sodium dodecyl sulfate and the properties of resultant complexes (Russia)

 HP25  Silos I.V., Shabanova N.A. The regularities of aggregation of colloidal silica by water soluble polymers (Russia)

 HP26  Streltsova E.A., Tymchuk A.F., Puzyryova I.V. The influence of the polyacrylamide on the surface and volume properties of alkylpyridinium chlorides (Ukraine)

 HP27  Surikov P.V., Isaev I.A., Vorobyeva A.L., Kuleznev V.N. Phase separation and rheological behaviour polystyrene—polymethylmethacrylate—styrene–acrylonitrile copolymer system in solution (Russia)

 HP28  Tazhibaeva S.M., Tusupova B.B., Tanybaeva A.K., Mussabekov K.B. Structure formation of gelatin and agar in the presense of melon pulp (Kazakhstan)

 HP29  Verezhnikov V.N., Grinfeld E.A., Tekucheva A.E., Korystina L.A. Chemical aggregation of latex particles by dispersions of highly carboxylated polymers (Russia)

 HP30  Voropaeva N.L. Water-soluble polymeric binary mixtures: obtaining, structure and properties (Uzbekistan)

 HP31  Yemelyanov D.N., Volkova N.V., Vasil'eva O.A., Levko L.V. Role of wetting in conservation process of monuments from stone by acrylic copolymer solutions (Russia)

 HP32  Zhukova O.V., Medvedeva V.V., Semchikov Yu.D. Gelatinized process of solvents of sodium lignosulphonate at the presence of salt of sixvalent chromium (Russia)

 HP33  Zorin I.M., Melnikov A.B., Makarov I.A., Ushkova T.S., Antonov E.A., Rjumtsev E.I., Bilibin A.Yu. Synthesis and hydrodynamic properties of polymerized micelles of polymerizable ionic surfactants (Russia)

 HP34  Zyn V.I. Synthesis and distribution of polymeric microparticles in a plasma chemical system with the artificial gravity (Russia)

Section K. Preservation of the environment

 KP01  Dryabina S.S., Malysheva Zh.N., Navrotskii A.V., Novakov I.A. Flocculation and precipitation in the presence of binary polyelectrolytes (Russia)

 KP02  Gapanovich E.V., Kraiko V.M., Sokolova T.V., Pehtereva V.S., Savich-Shemet O.G. Efficiency of application of an electrochemical method for a fat-and-oil sewage purification (Belarus)

 KP03  Gusev S.A., Timoshenko V.A., Lasareva E.V., Protsenko P.V. Monitoring of surface-active substances in natural waters (Russia)

 KP04  Khrestenko R.V., Rudin V.N., Kalmykov St.N. Sorption of uranyl on nanohydroxyapatite (Russia)

 KP05  Lishtvan I.I., Kaputskii F.N., Yanuta Y.G., Abramets A.M., Monich G.S. Humic acids fractions as products of colloid-chemical separation of natural polymers. Properties and characteristics (Belarus)

 KP06  Lorentsson A.V., Chernoberezhskii Yu.M., Aleinikov P.Yu., Shestakova M.P. Electrosurface properties of shungite III particles in aqueous electrolyte solutions (Russia)

 KP07  Lysenko L.L., Mishchuk N.A. Optimization of the process of the electrokinetic soil decontamination (Ukraine)

 KP08  Perlova O.V., Menchuk V.V., Shirykalova A.A., Perlova N.A. Colloid-chemical aspects of the uranium (VI) and thorium (IV) separation from diluted aqueous solutions (Ukraine)

 KP09  Popov K.I., Glazkova I.V., Yachmenev V.G., Nikolayev A.N. Effect of combination of EK and chelating agent: a perspective method of deactivation of concrete (Russia)

 KP10  Popovicheva O.B., Kireeva E.D., Persiantseva N.M., Shoniya N.K., Khokhlova T.D., Vlasenko E.V. Freezing of water droplets with immersion soot: climate impact (Russia)

 KP11  Streltsova E.A., Voluvach O.V., Puzyryova I.V., Egortseva V.A., Stuzhuk E.S. Colloid-chemical bases of isolation cationic surfactants from aqueous solutions (Ukraine)

 KP12  Tsaruk T.Ya., Drebenkova I.V., Strigutsky V.P., Falushina I.P. Physical and chemical aspects of intermediate and residual products use of organic raw material processing as components of conservation oils and greasings (Belarus)

Poster session II
Mounting: morning 27.06; Dismantling: evening 27.06
Section C. Surface phenomena

 CP01  Alinovskaya V.A., Yurkshtovich T.L., Golub N.V., Kosterova R.I., Bychkovsky P.M. The influence of physico-chemical properties of starch phosphate hydrogels on the sorption prospydine (Belarus)

 CP02  Artamonova S.D., Sharnina F.F., Ivshin V.P. Sorption of heavy metals by chitin-glucan complexes from higher fungi (Russia)

 CP03  Barishnikova E.A., Batrakov V.V., Egorov V.V. Study of surface active ions adsorption on passive iron (Russia)

 CP04  Bondareva L.P., Kornienko T.S., Grigorova E.V., Ovsyannikova D.V., Veretennikova A.V. Calorimetry measurement of ions sorption on cation-exchangers base (Russia)

 CP05  Brodskaya E.N., Sizov V.V. Molecular dynamics simulation study of the planar gas hydrate/water interface (Russia)

 CP06  Sizov V.V., Brodskaya E.N. Computer simulation of methane–carbon dioxide mixture adsorption in wet microporous carbons (Russia)

 CP07  Butrim S.M., Butrim N.S., Bildyukevich T.D., Yurkshtovich T.L. The study of sorption interactions of antibiotic ofloxacin with the cellulose cation-exchange (Belarus)

 CP08  Bykov A.G., Lin Shi-Yow, Noskov B.A. Surface viscoelasticity of poly(vinylpyridinium chloride)/sodium dodecylsulfate solutions (Russia)

 CP09  Chebotaryov A.N., Guzenko H.M. The dynamics of interphase and superficial phenomena in heterogeneous systems “organopolymeric ion exchangers—aqueous solutions of chromium (VI) complexes” (Ukraine)

 CP10  Chebotaryov A.N., Rahlitskaja E.M. Polyfunctionality of the organized heterogeneous systems on the basis of dimethylchlorosilaneaerosile, dipolar solvent and easily hydrolyzed element aqueous solution (Ukraine)

 CP11  Chuhno A.S., Dmitrieva I.B., Tikhomolova K.P. Specific adsorption of heterocyclic biologically active substances from aqueous solutions on oxides (Russia)

 CP12  Dyuryagina A.N., Ostrovnoy K.A., Tyukanko V.J. The investigation of the disaggregation processes of the solidphased particles by superficially-active materials in lacquer paint systems (Kazakhstan)

 CP13  Elekoeva K.M., Kasumov Yu.N., Kashezhev A.Z., Ponegev M.Kh., Sozaev V.A. The capillary properties of the lead-free solders for electronics (Russia)

 CP14  Eltekov A.Y., Eltekova N.A., Findenegg G.H. Normal and inverse temperature dependence in the adsorption of surfactants at hydrophilic interface (Germany)

 CP15  Eltekov Y.A., Komarova E.N., Eltekova N.A. Self-diffusion of macromolecular coils of polystyrene in the channels of nanoporous glass (Russia)

 CP16  Eltekova N.A., Eltekov A.Y., Roldughin V.I. Interaction of polysaccharides with carbon adsorbent (Russia)

 CP17  Eltekova N.A., Eltekov Y.A. Interaction of macromolecules of flexible-chain polymers with surface of aerosil nanopaticles (Russia)

 CP18  Gaishun V.E., Kosenok Y.A., Tyulenkova O.I., Gunko V.M., Turov V.V., Matyuha S.L., Kadol V.F. Investigation of stabilized and non-stabilized colloidal silica dispersions by 1H NMR spectroscopy (Belarus)

 CP19  Golub N.V., Yurkshtovich N.K., Kaputskii F.N., Yurkshtovich T.L., Kosterova R.I. The mechanical properties phosphor-containing cellulose fibrous material with Cr (III) and Al (III) ions adsorbed of (Belarus)

 CP20  Itskov S.V., Esipova N.E. Analysis of the transition region between wetting film and adjacent meniscus (Russia)

 CP21  Kakehashi Rie, Tokai Naoji, Yamamura Shingo, Maeda Hiroshi. The protonation degree and the ionic strength dependence of solution properties on N-lauroylaminopropyl-N′,N′-dimethylamine oxide (Japan)

 CP22  Kamennoy I.V., Korobkov V.I., Dolzhikova V.D., Bogdanova J.G. Wetting and spreading: autoradiography method data (Russia)

 CP23  Kostenko A.V., Soboleva O.A. Investigation of binary adsorption layer of Triton X-305 and TTAB on hydrophobic surfaces (Russia)

 CP24  Pisaev I.V., Soboleva O.A., Ivanova N.I. Adsorption of surfactant mixtures at water/polytetrafluorethylene interface (Russia)

 CP25  Krutko N.P., Opanasenko O.N., Ostrovskaya E.F. Cationic surfactant modification of powder-form granitic material (Belarus)

 CP26  Kuznetsov V.M., Akentiev A.V., Noskov B.A., Toikka A.M. Investigation of water evaporation through monolayers of polyelectrolyte/surfactant complexes (Russia)

 CP27  Latnikova A.V., Lin Shi-Yow, Loglio G., Miller R., Noskov B.A. Dynamic surface elasticity of β-casein and β-casein/surfactant adsorption layers at the liquid-gas interface (Russia)

 CP28  Loglio G., Pandolfini P., Noskov B.A., Ravera F., Miller R., Liggieri L., Krägel J., Makievski A., Del Gaudio L. Dynamic interfacial properties of water/oil systems (Italy)

 CP29  Mandrugin A.A., Khokhlova T.D., Trofimova T.P., Proskuryakov S.Ya., Fedoseev V.M. NO-inhibitor activity dihydrothiazin immobilized on inorganic sorbents of a different nature (Russia)

 CP30  Meleshevych S.I., Olexienko O.V., Kalenchuk V.G., Kanibolotskyy V.A., Strelko V.V. Structural and sorptive properties of titanosilicates obtained by sol-gel method (Ukraine)

 CP32  Myskova I.A., Budishevska O.G., Voronov S.A. Interface modification by peroxide copolymers in dispersed systems (Ukraine)

 CP33  Naidich Yu.V., Gab I.I., Kostyuk B.D., Stetsyuk T.V., Kurkova D.I., Dukarov S.V., Kryshtal A.P., Lytvyn O.S. Processes of coagulation of metal nanofilms deposited on non-metallic materials (Ukraine)

 CP34  Novichkov R.V., Dmitrieva I.B. Adsorption of amino acids, peptides and proteins on oxides (Russia)

 CP35  Omarova K.I., Mussabekov K.B. The intensification of the displacement of non polar liquids from porous systems by polycomplexes of nonionic SAS (Kazakhstan)

 CP36  Ovsyannikova D.V., Selemenev V.F., Bondareva L.P., Amelina Z.S., Lagutina E.S. Sorption allocation of amino acids and cations of metals on carboxylic cation exchangers (Russia)

 CP37  Polunin K.E., Dzardanov D.V., Buryak A.K., Sokolova N.P., Larin A.V., Polunina I.A. Adsorption of stilbenoids on silica and titania (Russia)

 CP38  Polunin K.E., Dzardanov D.V., Sokolova N.P., Polunina I.A., Zakharov N.A. Adsorption interaction between biocompatible calcium hydroxyapatite and a functional derivative of 1,3-thiazinone (Russia)

 CP39  Popova K.A., Astapov A.V., Peregudov Yu.S. Sorption of complex ions by chelated ion exchangers (Russia)

 CP40  Sagaidak Ie.V., Soldatkina L.M., Menchuk V.V. Sunflower husks as an adsorbent in the removal of basic dyes from aqueous solutions (Ukraine)

 CP41  Sazonova V.F., Kojemyak M.A. Flotation-extraction isolation of lanthanum by means of fatty acids (Ukraine)

 CP42  Soldatkina L.M., Sagaidak Ie.V., Polikarpov A.P., Shunkevich A.A. Adsorption of dyes on the fibrous ion exchangers fiban (Ukraine)

 CP43  Solovtsova O.V., Grankina T.Ju., Krasil'nikova O.K., Serebryakova N.V., Shinkarev S.M. Adsorption of heavy metals ions polymeric adsorbents of adsorbents based on polysaccharides (Russia)

 CP44  Svetlov A.A., Yashkin S.N. Investigation of the surface adsorbents roughness by inverse gas chromatography (Russia)

 CP45  Tazhibaeva S.M., Orazymbetova A.B., Mussabekov K.B., Zhubanova A.A. Adsorbtion of heavy metal ions on a surface of yeast cells (Kazakhstan)

 CP46  Voronkova N.V., Dmitrieva I.B., Bakholdina L.A. Investigation of the stability of aqueous suspensions of the transition metal oxides within solutions of the biologically active substances (Russia)

 CP47  Yashkin S.N., Svetlov D.A., Yashkina E.A., Kudasheva N.V., Novoselova O.V. Adsorption of molecules of the frame structure on the graphitized carbon black (Russia)

 CP48  Yashkin S.N., Svetlov A.A. The study of energy heterogeneity of the surface of nonporous carbon adsorbents (Russia)

 CP49  Vovchenko O.Ye., Korochkova T.Ye., Rozenbaum V.M. Dielectric measurements for a dipole rotator in hindered rotation potentials (Ukraine)

 CP50  Zubareva N.A., Roshchina T.M., Khokhlova T.D., Shoniya N.K. Adsorption of water and organic molecules out of different mediums on fluorinated carbon fibre and fluorocarbon adsorbent (Russia)

Section D. Surfactants, foams, emulsions

 DP01  Aminov S.N., Solixov F.D., Ubaydullayev S.S. Direct synthesis and colloid chemical properties of cationic surfactants in quaternary ammonium salts (Uzbekistan)

 DP02  Angarska Zh.K., Stubenrauch C., Manev E.D. Effect of nonionic surfactants on the thinning and critical thickness of foam films stabilized by n-dodecyl-β-d-maltoside (Bulgaria)

 DP03  Borissevitch I.E., Pires M.A., Botelho M.H.M., Pavinatto F.J., Borissevitch G., Zaniquelli M.E., Oliveira Jr. O.N. Effect of biscyanine dyes on Langmuir DPPC monolayer formation and characteristics (Brazil)

 DP04  Borissevitch I.E., Pires M.A., Aggarwal L.P.F., Zaniquelli M.E. Aggregation effects at interaction of organic dyes with surfactants (Brazil)

 DP05  Boichenko A.P., Lê Công Hoan, Sidorenko A.Yu., German A.I., Loginova L.P. Effect of micellar media of surfactants with different charge type on protolytic properties of amino acids (Ukraine)

 DP06  Burov S.V., Vanin A.A., Brodskaya E.N. Molecular dynamics simulations of self assembling of surfactant molecules with various length of hydrocarbon tail (Russia)

 DP07  Chebotaryov A.N., Derevianko E.V., Scherbakova T.M., Krasnyanchuk M.V. The peculiarities of various acidity alumina surface modification by low-molecular and high-molecular surfactants (Ukraine)

 DP08  Frolova G.M., Yudina T.P., Cherevach E.I., Babin Yu.V. Use of plant saponins of Saponaria officinalis l. roots as a food emulsifier (Russia)

 DP09  Izhik A.P., Uriev N.B. Synthesis and colloidal-chemical properties of anionic surfactant for mineral suspensions (Russia)

 DP10  Kochurova N.N., Hong Po-Da, Dmitrovskaya M.V., Germasheva I.I., Tihomirov I. Two-dimensional phase transitions under equilibrium and dynamic conditions (Russia)

 DP11  Koroleva M.Yu., Yurtov E.V. Simulation of aggregate structures in w/o emulsions (Russia)

 DP12  Kukushkina A.N. Surface rheology of mixed protein-surfactant layers (Russia)

 DP13  Kurbanbaeva A.E., Nijazova M.M., Smirnova L.D. Diemulsifiable properties of PAS on the basis of local raw material (Uzbekistan)

 DP14  Lasareva E.V., Pertsov A.V., Chernukhina A.I., Gabrielyan G.A. The influence of hydrophobic modification of chitosan with carboxylic surfactants on its colloidal-chemical properties (Russia)

 DP15  Lishtvan I.I., Strigutsky V.P., Tsaruk T.Ya., Drebenkova I.V. Colloidal model of synergism of protective properties of oil-soluble surfactants (Belarus)

 DP16  Loginova L.P., Yakovleva E.Yu., Galat M.N., Markov V.V., Boichenko A.P. Micellar properties of sodium dodecylsulfate solutions in the presence of aliphatic carboxylic acids and their application in micellar liquid chromatography (Ukraine)

 DP17  Movchan T.G., Plotnikova E.V. Experimental researches of aqueous micellar solutions cetyltrimethyl-ammonium bromide (Russia)

 DP18  Movchan T.G., Loznetsova N.N., Plotnikova E.V., Toporov Yu.P. Experimental researches of aqueous solutions pluronic F-127 (Russia)

 DP19  Molchanov V.S., Shibaev A.V., Philippova O.E., Khokhlov A.R. Rheological study of wormlike micelles in anionic surfactant (potassium oleate) solutions (Russia)

 DP20  Mudzhikova G.V., Brodskaya E.N. Molecular dynamics simulation of the SAS aggregation processes in nonpolar medium (Russia)

 DP21  Opanasenko O.N., Plikus O.A., Zhigalova O.L., Ostrovskaya E.F. Effect of electrolytes on aggregative stability of bitumen-latex emulsion (Belarus)

 DP22  Opanasenko O.N., Zhigalova O.L., Krutko N.P. The particular behaviour of mixed solutions of cationic surfactants of various structure (Belarus)

 DP23  Ossovskaya I.I., Poltorazkiy G.M., Matveicheva E.A., Frolova M.A. The influence of nature of solvent on sorption capacity to the lignocellulose composite (Russia)

 DP24  Podorozho E.A., Lozinsky V.I. Properties of composite poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels containing liquid disperse hydrophobic filler (Russia)

 DP25  Poteshnova M.V., Zadymova N.M., Kulichikhin V.G. Behaviour of normal (o/w) Tween 80 micelles in presence of aromatic solubilizates (Russia)

 DP26  Prokhorova G.V., Glukhareva N.A. Colloid-chemical properties of mixtures of individual soaps and alkyl polyglycosides (Russia)

 DP27  Rusanova T.Yu., Neveshkin A.A., Shtykov S.N., Gorin D.A., Ryzhkina I.S. Monolayers and nanodimensional Langmuir–Blodgett films based on amphiphilic aminomethylated calix[4]resorcinarenes (Russia)

 DP28  Smirnova T.D., Nevryueva N.V., Shtykov S.N. Effect of micelles on the energy transfer in excited state and its application for determination of antibiotics (Russia)

 DP29  Samatadze A.I., Kandyrin L.B., Kuleznev V.N. The influence of surfactant onto structure and properties of filled and unfilled water-oligomer's emulsions (Russia)

 DP30  Savchuk K.R., Vlasov A.Yu., Smirnova N.A. The ion specificity influence on the aggregative properties of ionic surfactants salt aqueous solutions and surfactant mixtures aqueous solutions (Russia)

 DP31  Sazonova V.F., Perlova O.V., Kojemyak M.A. The thermodynamic analysis of distribution alkylcarboxylates rare earth elements between aqueous and organic phases (Ukraine)

 DP32  Shadryna V.I., Bashmakov I.A., Zhavnerko G.K., Agabekov V.E., Kaputskii F.N. Monohydric alcohols are anticoagulants in the processes of formation of honeycomb films based on carboxylated nitrocellulose (Belarus)

 DP33  Sizonenko O.N. High-voltage electric discharge in liquid as method of SAM activation (Ukraine)

 DP34  Solomko N.Yu., Budishevska O.G., Voronov S.A. Polyperoxide modifier of latex particles on basis of chitosan (Ukraine)

 DP35  Starov V.M., Ivanova N.A., Rubio R.G., Hilal N. Spreading of aqueous trisiloxane surfactant solutions on hydrophobic surfaces (UK)

 DP36  Starov V.M., Lee Khai Siang, Rubio R.G. Spreading of surfactant solutions: surfactant solubility’s influence on Marangoni phenomena (UK)

 DP37  Vanin A.A., Smirnova N.A. Molecular dynamic simulation of aqueous micellar solutions of ionic liquids and their mixtures with sodium dodecylsulphate (Russia)

 DP38  Xu Yuming, Dabros T., Wu Jiangying, Hamza H. Emulsions and foams encountered in oil sands bitumen processing (Canada)

 DP39  Zelentsova E.S., Kolesnikova E.N., Glukhareva N.A. Micelle formation in aqueous solutions of disodium salt of sulfosuccinic acid monoamide (Russia)

Section F. Nanomaterials

 FP01  Khomutov G.B., Polyakov S.N., Volkov V.V., Klechkovskaya V.V. Two-phase and three-phase synthesis of noble-metal nanoparticles and nanostructures (Russia)

 FP02  Lisichkin G.V., Safronikhin A.V., Shcherba T.N., Kuzmina N.P., Ehrlich G.V. Complexation on the nanosized europium trifluoride surface (Russia)

 FP03  Roldughin V.I., Loskutov A.I., Uryupina O.Ya., Vysotskii V.V. Formation of two-dimensional quasiregular structures from dispersions of metal nanoparticles in polymer solutions (Russia)

 FP04  Samarik V.Ya., Varvarenko S.N., Puzko N.V., Nosova N.G., Tarnavchik I.T., Voronov S.A. Reactivity of peroxide groups of different nature in the process of peroxidation of polymer surface (Ukraine)

 FP05  Volkov V.A., Amarlui A., Ageev A.A., Kukleva K.K., Eleev A.F., Shchukina Ye.L. Nanotechnology of molecule layering in fabric fibre modification processes (Russia)

 FP06  Zarudnaya E.N., Zaitsev S.Yu., Maximov V.I., Möbius D., Vedernikov A.I., Sazonov S.K., Gromov S.P. Ultrathin chemosensoring films with novel photosensitive crown-ether (Russia)

 FP07  Avramenko N.V., Korobov M.V., Ivanova N.I., Parfenova A.M., Il'inskii A.I., Senyavin V.M. Stable aqueous dispersions of nanodiamond (Russia)

 FP08  Borunova A.B., Grigoriev Yu.V., Troshin K.Ya. Formation of nanoparticles at methane combustion (Russia)

 FP09  Burakov V.S., Savastenko N.A., Tarasenko N.V., Nevar A.A., Grigoryeva T.F., Ancharov A.I. Synthesis of copper-based nanoparticles by electrical discharge in liquid technique and their laser assisted modification (Belarus)

 FP10  Dolotov S.V., Roldughin V.I. Simulating of ESR spectra of aggregates of metal nanoparticles (Russia)

 FP11  Izaak T.I., Biryukov A.A., Svetlichnyi V.A., Meshalkin Yu.P. Size-controlled synthesis of cadmium sulphide nanoparticles in methylmetacrylate monomer under intensive irradiation (Russia)

 FP12  Kotyol L.Yu., Brichka S.Ya., Brichka A.V. Surface topography of carbon nanotubes (Ukraine)

 FP13  Kurskaya E.A., Samoilova N.A., Krayukhina M.A., Askadskii A.A. Features of binding and stabilization processes of silver with diphilic poly (ethylene-co-maleic acid) (Russia)

 FP14  Ostaeva G.Yu., Selischeva E.D., Papisov I.M. The stabilization of copper nanoparticles with interpolymer complex (Russia)

 FP15  Romanovskaya G.I., Olenin A.Yu., Krutyakov Yu.A., Vasiljeva S.Yu., Kudrinskii A.A., Lisichkin G.V. A sorption-luminescent determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with use of hydrophobic silver nanoparticles (Russia)

 FP16  Shevchenko G.P., Bokshits Yu.V., Vashchanka S.V., Malashkevich G.E. Spectral-luminescent properties of Eu (III) in silver- and gold-doped oxide films formed by sol-gel method (Belarus)

 FP17  Volkov V.V., Klechkovskaya V.V., Valetski P.M., Arkharova N.A., Shtykova E.V., Kotosonov A.S., Kabachij Yu.A., Kochev S.Yu., Dembo K.A., Amarantov S.V. Structural characterization of nanodisperse metal-carbon catalysts by X-ray small-angle scattering, electron diffraction, and electron microscopy (Russia)

 FP18  Blagodatskikh I.V., Tikhonov V.E., Ivanova E.M., Postnikov V.A., Khokhlov A.R. Design of polymer nanosorbents by means of miniemulsion polymerization (Russia)

 FP19  Efimov A.V., Yaroslavov A.A., Efimova A.A. Sorption of colloidal nanoparticles by microporous isotactic polypropylene (Russia)

 FP20  Kouznetsova T.F., Ratko A.I., Komarov V.S., Eremenko S.I. Effect of sodium dodecylsulfate and cetylpyridinium chloride act as templates on textural properties of mesoporous silicas (Belarus)

 FP21  Krekoten A.V., Shchipunov Y.A. Silica nanocomposites fabricated on micellar template of alkyl polyglucosides (Russia)

 FP22  Prostyakova A.I., Kapustin D.V., Zubov V.P. Polymercontaining adsorbents for obtaining of high-purified biopolymers (Russia)

 FP23  Selivanova N.M., Osipova V.V., Danovskii D.E., Lobkov V.S., Galyametdinov Yu.G. Synthesis and properties of lanthanide-containing nanostructures based on lyotropic liquid crystals (Russia)

 FP24  Stébé M.J., Michaux F., Blin J.L., Istratov V.A., Babak V.G. Polyglycerol-based surfactants for the preparation of large pores mesoporous silica materials (France)

 FP25  Zhigis L.S., Zueva V.S., Yagudaeva E.Yu., Kapustin D.V., Zubov V.P. Polyaniline-coated adsorbents based on sulfonated supports for separation of DNA and proteins (Russia)

 FP26  Alosmanov R.M., Mamedov G.G., Azizov A.A., Ramazanov M.A., Magerramov M.A. Synthesis of nanocomposites with semi-conductive and magnetic properties (Azerbaijan)

 FP27  Arkharova N.A., Klechkovskaya V.V., Suvorova E.I. Structure modification of selenium nanoparticles in gel-film of bacterial cellulose matrix in the presence of silver in the reaction system (Russia)

 FP28  Katok K.V., Tertykh V.A., Yanishpolskii V.V. Nanoparticles of gold and silver immobilized in surface layer of silica matrices (Ukraine)

 FP29  Lychnikov D.S., Ibragimova E.A. Study of nanostructure of collagen and leather (Russia)

 FP30  Protasova S.G., Straumal B.B., Schütz G., Goll D., Baretzky B., Mazilkin A.A., Dobatkin S.V., Rodin A.O. Structure and magnetic properties of iron-carbon nanograined alloys obtained by high pressure torsion (Russia)

 FP31  Semenova E.M., Vorobyova S.A., Lesnikovich A.I. Preparation and characterization of highly concentrated silver hydrosols (Belarus)

 FP32  Shevnin P.L., Barabanova A.I., Askadskii A.A., Priakhina T.A., Zavin B.G., Vygodskii Ya.S., Philippova O.E., Khokhlov A.R. Nanomaterials based on epoxy resin and silica nanoparticles (Russia)

 FP33  Shirokova L.N., Alexandrova V.A., Vihoreva G.A., Revina A.A. Chitin derivatives as systems for metal nanoparticles stabilization (Russia)

 FP34  Sokolov V.N., Chernov M.S., Razgulina O.V., Yurkovets D.I., Krupskaya V.V. Mineral nanoparticles in clay soils (Russia)

 FP35  Sulim I.Ya., Borysenko M.V., Borysenko L.I. Nanocomposite of silica and zirconia with polydimethylsiloxane (Ukraine)

 FP36  Uryupina O.Ya., Serebryakova N.V., Roldughin V.I., Vysotskii V.V. Evolution of silver nanoparticles in solutions of hydroxycellulose derivatives (Russia)

 FP37  Chigorina E.A., Chigorina T.M., Abaev V.T. Self-assembling metal-polymer systems as a base of new functional materials having special properties (Russia)

 FP38  Kandyrin L.B., Skvortsov I.J., Surikov P.V., Kuleznev V.N. Physical and mechanical properties of composites on the basis of cured epoxy resins containing additives of nanoscale fillers (Russia)

 FP39  Kudina H.F. Synthesis, properties and structure of organosilicate nano-composites polymerized in situ with intercalation (Belarus)

 FP40  Makatun V.N., Branitsky G.A., Bildyukevich A.V., Sokolov V.G., Movchanskii M.A., Belyasova N.A., Azarova T.A., Tarasevich V.A., Usossky V.V., Antonovskaya L.I. Colloid-chemical modification of ultrafiltration hollow fibres of polysulphone (Belarus)

 FP41  Malyshev V.V., Gab A.I., Kaptaj D. Production of nanocrystalline powders of chromium, molybdenum, and tungsten disilicides by methods of high-temperature electrochemical synthesis and metallothermic reduction (Ukraine)

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